The right shoes for a senior – how do you choose them?
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The right shoes for a senior – how do you choose them?

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Well-chosen shoes guarantee not only comfort, but also health and well-being. This is very important especially for seniors. What to pay attention to when choosing shoes for the elderly?

The right size and material

It may seem like a very obvious thing, but choosing the right shoes for the size of the foot is often difficult. In order to give your feet enough room, you need to check whether they will be squeezed in both width and height in the given shoes. If the chosen model of shoes causes difficulties at the stage of putting the foot into it, it is better to look for other shoes. Manufacturers also offer shoes for wider feet, so surely everyone will be able to choose shoes for the shape and size of their feet. Choosing the right footwear ensures comfort and prevents foot deformities. It is also important that footwear, both men’s and women’s shoes, are made of the most flexible material possible. This applies especially to footwear for people who have osteoarthritis.

Shoe insoles

Shoes for seniors should also have a proper insole. It would be good if it is made of breathable materials that minimize sweating. It is also important that the insole is tailored to the individual needs of seniors. Manufacturers offer, among other things, shoes with contoured insoles that prevent the foot from sliding in the shoe, thus reducing the risk of falling, as well as shoes that stimulate circulation (for people who have varicose veins, for example) and those that relieve pressure – ideal for people whose feet swell.

Easy to take off and put on

Senior shoes should be easy to fasten. Velcro, for example, would be a better option than laces. The width of the shoes is also important in this case. It should be possible to put them on without bending down, preferably with a shoehorn. It is also important to have an adjustable fastener, which will prevent the shoe from slipping off and allow the senior to use the shoes comfortably.


Shoes for the elderly should have a part that covers the heel. This is especially true for slippers and house shoes. This minimizes the risk of the shoe slipping and falling.

Suitable sole

It is important to check what material the sole is made of. It should be non-slip to minimize the risk of slipping and falling as much as possible. It would also be good if the sole provides an optimal level of cushioning. This will help relieve pressure on the joints of the legs. A wider sole provides better stability and balance, so you should also pay attention to that.

Comfort first and foremost

The choice of appropriate footwear has a great impact on the quality of life of a senior. For people with hallux valgus, shoes with stretch are recommended, because they have special inserts made of material, thanks to which they do not cause pressure and abrasions. If corns appear on the feet, it’s worth paying attention to the shape of the front of the shoe, so that you can freely move your toes.

When choosing shoes for seniors, it is not worth being guided by what is fashionable. Aesthetic issues are less important than whether the shoe is comfortable enough. Although women mostly like heeled shoes, seniors should avoid wearing them on a daily basis. However, when choosing heeled shoes, it is important to make sure that the weight of the body is evenly transferred to the entire foot, not just the front or back.

Senior citizens can purchase shoes from special orthopedic clothing stores. This is recommended especially for seniors with various types of diseases, because in addition to a large selection of shoes, they can also count on professional advice.

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