How to use your smartphone to improve productivity
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How to use your smartphone to improve productivity

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The smartphone is nowadays the basis of fast communication at work. However, not everyone uses innovative and very practical programs for this. Wondering what applications are worth downloading? Read the text below. Or maybe your problem is notorious reaching for the smartphone while working? There’s a solution for that too. Check out our review of apps that will improve your productivity.

Trello – manage your tasks quickly and conveniently

Lots of projects and dozens of side tasks make it easy to get lost in the maze of responsibilities. That’s why it’s worth reaching for practical and modern designed tools, which will allow for efficient grouping, segregation and management of ongoing projects. Trello allows you to create clear columns, which you can freely name. Within created categories you generate individual tiles, title them, add task descriptions, attach supporting files and set deadlines. This is a great platform for teams, which gives a chance to share content conveniently and modify individual panels efficiently. Thanks to this, each member of the team knows what to do, and the project manager can check the progress of work or make changes in real time, which will be available to all group members. The application requires a connection to the Network – if you are looking for a prepaid Internet offer, you will find it at

Asana – competition for Trello

An equally interesting program for improving your productivity is Asana. This powerful platform allows you to create task lists and display them in a daily or weekly format. Asana also allows you to work in teams, divide tasks and communicate using short descriptions or comments. Operating the application, using the useful functions and moving between sections are very intuitive, so you will quickly like working with this tool.

Pomodoro – improve your efficiency

While time management apps available on your computer and smartphone make life a lot easier, your phone is often a trap that makes it difficult to focus on your goals. Pop-up notifications or attractive icons of your favorite apps are eye-catching and hard to resist. If you care about efficiency and want to get rid of online distractions once and for all, download Pomodoro. With the platform you will start working in predetermined short sessions with 5-minute breaks. This will make it easy for you to start focusing on what you have to do, thus maximizing your productivity. The advantage of Pomodoro, apart from the clear plan of action, is also the function of blocking your phone and other programs, so you will know that during the session there is no point in reaching for your smartphone.

Forest – plant a virtual tree and focus on your work

Another program that blocks access to applications called time eaters is Forest Focus Timer. This innovative tool has been downloaded over 10 million times, which makes it attractive and unique. The idea on which the application’s operation is based may seem specific, but it flawlessly hits the needs of users. You set the time of your focus session and when the timer is turned on, you plant a virtual tree. Interrupting the session and using your phone is tantamount to destroying the sapling. With regular use of the app, you unlock new species and expand your forest. Those who have trouble putting their phone down will reach for Forest, as the app allows you to visualize the effects and in graphical form keep track of your progress. For more interesting content on the latest technologies, visit the blog at


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