An e-book is also a book
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An e-book is also a book

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There is an assumption that a paper book is better than an electronic book. We are not supporters of this thesis. Many advantages and disadvantages have both solutions. However, are e-books worse than paper books? Today we will analyze this statement

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Paper book vs. e-book

Many people claim that e-books are an inferior version of their paper edition because they are not tangible. Traditional readers love the smell of new books and enjoy turning the pages. They can see that with each page they read, the number of pages left in the book is decreasing and they are moving towards the end of the story. Many readers dream of having a rich home library where the books they leave behind get a unique smell. An e-book reader doesn’t offer that opportunity. Novels can be kept at most in the virtual cloud. However, nothing stands in the way of entering the read books into a planner or a paper calendar. Such mementos found years later can bring back the best memories, and you don’t have to have a bookcase full of read books to do it

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E-book is a full-fledged book

It is important to remember that an e-book is also a full-fledged book. Various guidebooks are increasingly being published only in electronic form. The distribution of books is much easier, and the way in which the consumer acquires them does not cause any major problems. Once purchased, an e-book is your property forever. It will not be accidentally destroyed, and if it is, you can always download it again from the site that sells electronic books

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Electronic books are hard to destroy

In the previous point, it was mentioned that an electronic book is hard to destroy. This is actually true. There is a significant difference between a paper copy and an electronic one, but it is definitely an advantage, not a disadvantage. The paper version is easily flooded, torn or lost. It cannot be restored in any way. An e-book, on the other hand, is difficult to destroy. If the laptop gets formatted, the e-book can be restored from the bookstore account. If you forget your password, it is easy to recover it. It is really difficult to lose an e-book bought from a legal site or directly from the author

E-book reader does not destroy eyesight

Electronic books do not destroy your eyesight. The problem of reading late at night is solved. Readers have special backlighting, and the appearance of e-book pages resembles a paper book. Electronic books can be read at any time of the day, readers are designed for this. During the day, no backlight is the best choice, but in the evening an additional source of light is needed

An electronic book can be read in any place

Often readers take their books on vacation and read them on the beach or in the mountains. This is a great way to spend free time. In this case, electronic books are no different from paper books. They can be taken anywhere in the world. The overwhelming advantage of digital books is the lightness and capacity of the readers. Instead of one volume, you can take an entire saga. Thousands of books will fit in this small device, which means you won’t be bored on vacation. What’s more, with paper books, there is the problem of the excess baggage surcharge. You can’t take a large number of your favorite titles on the plane.

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Electronic books promote reading

If you consider the statistics of books, it is safe to say that e-books have spread reading. Surveys show that between 2 and 3 paper books were read by only 3.4% of respondents in the last 12 months. Electronic books, on the other hand, were read by as many as 11.5%. However, this doesn’t change the fact that regular readers like the paper versions. Is it right? Not necessarily. An e-book is just as valuable as a paper book. No matter what books you choose, it’s worth reading, growing and deepening your knowledge

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