Seniors, take care of your eyesight! How to take care of your eyes?

Seniors, take care of your eyesight! How to take care of your eyes?

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Seniors often complain about vision problems. Their eyes get tired faster, they are dry and their vision is definitely weaker. They also often suffer from presbyopia or glaucoma. Therefore it is worth taking special care of the eyes of elderly people. What does eye care for seniors look like?

First of all – prevention

Vision deteriorates with age, that’s why seniors often complain about eye problems. Presbyopia, or the gradual deterioration of vision with age, is accompanied by serious diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration. These diseases develop in people over 60. According to statistics, as many as 90% of them are affected by one of these diseases.

How to fight dry eye

Dry eyes is a disease that affects not only young people who spend a lot of time in front of computer screens, but also seniors. It is caused by decreased secretion of the tear film. This leads to excessive eyeball dryness, discomfort and burning sensation. This is the so-called feeling of sand under the eyelids, which also disturbs vision

In this case, it is worth acting immediately. At the drugstore you can buy eye drops that moisturize the eye, and their regular use will largely help to get rid of the burning and dryness sensation. Additionally, the so-called eye gymnastics may be introduced. What does this consist of?

It consists in frequent blinking and quick change of the points you are looking at – once far away, once closer. Such exercises will support the secretion of the tear film.

A diet rich in minerals

Balanced diet also turns out to be important. Often after the age of 60 it is worth to change eating habits. Based on studies conducted by ophthalmologists and optometrists, seniors have a diet low in antioxidants. This is worth changing

The elderly should eat spinach, peppers, broccoli and lettuce, which are rich in lutein and zeaxanthin. These components are very important for maintaining proper eye condition. They accumulate in the retina and guard the macula, preventing its degeneration.

Fresh air and frequent medical visits

Being outdoors affects the condition of the eye. However, it is worth remembering to wear glasses with an appropriate protective filter.

It is also very important to have the right light at home and frequent ventilation and humidification of the air.

What is more, it is advisable to visit and check the doctor; seniors often have additional diseases that influence the deterioration of vision – diabetes, hypertension… That’s why it’s worth getting your eyes checked at least once every six months.

Old age diseases to watch out for

Presbyopia is a loss of the ability to accommodate the eye, which is a direct result of the aging process. It is usually accompanied by deterioration of vision at closer distances.

Unfortunately, there is no cure for this condition. It is a natural process to which all organs in the human body are subject. The best solution is to choose proper glasses which will improve the life comfort of a senior citizen. They should be selected by professional ophthalmologists to improve and not worsen the patient’s vision. Often, vision loss causes headaches, so purchasing glasses will allow seniors to get rid of this discomfort as well.

Age-related macular degeneration

AMD is a condition that occurs in both sexes as early as age 50. Age-related macular degeneration is the acronym that is used to describe this disease. The causes of this degeneration are not known. Specialists speculate that aging of the visual structures is a factor of particular importance. Genetics and lifestyle, including smoking of tobacco products, are also significant.

In the eyes affected by AMD, a part of the retina degrades, which results in weakened vision. Changes can be noticed especially at night and when looking at objects up close. Affected patients experience problems reading books, especially in the evening.

Macular degeneration has two forms – dry and exudative. With the former, the changes progress more slowly, while the latter may require specialized treatment such as photodynamic therapy or intravitreal injections.

Prevention of macular degeneration means first of all giving up smoking and taking supplements that improve vision. They should be rich in lutein and zeaxanthin. It is also important that they contain fatty acids, as well as vitamin E and C.

Healthy eyes in seniors improve the quality of life. Therefore, it is worth taking care of them even before the first symptoms appear. Adequate supplementation, diet and healthy lifestyle will certainly affect eye health. In addition, frequent eye check-ups with specialists and the use of moisturizing drops will help you maintain visual acuity and enjoy good vision for years to come.

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