How to brew leaf tea? This is worth knowing

How to brew leaf tea? This is worth knowing

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Most people think that brewing tea only involves pouring hot water over it. It turns out that this is a mistake! How to do it correctly?

Leaf tea is much better than tea in bags. It is more aromatic and has a much better, more distinct taste. Interestingly, many people do not know how to brew it properly. And pouring it over water that has just boiled is the most popular mistake!

Brewing tea actually requires attention, focus and observation. Many people find it an amazing moment that allows you to switch off from everyday life and focus on something else, much more pleasant, which provides many positive experiences. 

The temperature of the water is important

The basis, when it comes to brewing leaf tea, is the temperature of the water. It’s what really determines the taste and aroma of the world’s most popular drink. 

In the case of black tea, the matter is quite simple – here you can pour the leaves with water that has just boiled. The same is true for white bud tea, boiling water makes the buds open. 

The case is completely different with green tea. In this case, it’s worth getting a thermometer, although once you get the knack, you can undoubtedly manage without it as well. To make things even more difficult – a different temperature of water is ideal for Japanese green tea and a different one for Chinese green tea. In the case of the former – the dried leaves should be poured into water at a temperature of 65 to 75 degrees Celsius. If you choose Chinese, the water needs to be a bit hotter, its temperature should range from 75 to 85 degrees Celsius. 

Leaf tea lovers often use a simple trick to achieve the ideal water temperature without a thermometer. It is estimated that pouring water from one pot to another makes it cooler by about 10 degrees Celsius. Of course, this depends on the type of vessel, the ambient temperature, the amount of water or the temperature of the cup, among other things. It is often enough to transfer the water several times to reach the ideal temperature for brewing the tea of your choice. 

Brewing time

The second basic condition for good taste is the brewing time. In this case, it often depends on our individual preferences. The longer the leaves are steeped – the more intense, more bitter the taste will be. For lovers of milder flavors, 1 to 2 minutes should be enough. Remove the leaves and put them back in for several seconds. 

The amount of tea

The taste of the brew also depends on the amount of dried leaves in the cup. For one that is about 150 ml, one teaspoon is enough, for a larger cup – 2 teaspoons. 

It is also important to always cover the tea when brewing leaf tea. This will prevent the essential oils in it from escaping and the infusion will be much more aromatic. 

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