What should be the beds for seniors? Dimensions and features

What should be the beds for seniors? Dimensions and features

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The bed is the heart of the bedroom. Choosing the right model is often a challenge, especially when looking for one for seniors who have their own habits and suffer from various ailments. What kind of bed should we choose for an elderly person? We suggest.

The elderly spend a large part of their daily life resting. During regular naps, a comfortable, functional bed is essential. Let’s remember that every senior has different needs and requirements, which are related to individual habits, but also ailments or diseases. When choosing a bed for an elderly person, we need to pay attention to several aspects.

Height and dimensions of the bed

Beds dedicated to seniors are slightly higher than standard beds. Such models make it easier to get into it and get up. As we age, our mobility and range of motion decrease, so the furniture should make it easier for the elderly to function on a daily basis. With a higher bed, the senior does not strain the spine. It is assumed that the mattress should be at a level of 60-70 cm from the floor, but the dimensions of the bed are best adapted to the individual person. Women tend to be shorter than men, and in old age these differences may be more pronounced. It also matters whether the senior needs a single or double bed. A standard bed for an elderly person is 120 × 200 cm.

The next elements we need to pay attention to are the frame and frame. The best choice will be beds in which the mattress and frame are independent of the frame. This will allow us to adjust them to the needs of the senior citizen. Remember that the rungs in the frame must not bend and must be firmly attached to the frame. Some manufacturers offer beds with adjustable frames for the elderly. We can also find models equipped with railings and supports that make it easier to pull up. Choose beds with a frame made of solid materials, preferably solid wood. The furniture must be stable and provide good support, it must not shake or move when getting up and sitting down. Besides, a good choice will be wooden or metal beds, which are easy to clean, anti-static and do not cause allergies.

What will be the best mattress for a senior bed?

An ill-fitting mattress can amplify pains, prevent rest and cause ill health. For this reason, we should pay special attention to choosing the right model. Mattresses differ in the degree of firmness and the material they are made of. These are the two most important parameters. We adjust the mattress for a senior citizen according to his weight and possible health problems. For an elderly person who has problems with independent movement and spends a lot of time lying down, it is worth choosing an anti-decubitus mattress. For circulation-related ailments, latex or thermoelastic foam models are recommended. Pocket mattresses, on the other hand, support keeping the body and spine in the right position. 

Professional rehabilitation bed

For seniors who, as a result of illness, have difficulty performing basic activities and are unable to take care of their own hygiene, a rehabilitation bed is the best choice. It is equipped with casters (with appropriate locks) to allow movement, as well as railings and lifts to make the care of the senior easier. The rehabilitation bed should also be adjustable, allowing the frame and mattress parts to be raised and lowered at will.

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