Benefits of EMS training

Benefits of EMS training

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EMS training is becoming increasingly popular. What exactly is it and why should you use it? We have gathered the most important information.

What is EMS?

In other words, it is an electrostimulation of muscles. It consists in causing tissue contractions using electric impulses. The electric impulses “massage” the muscles, simultaneously stimulating the body to greater effort. This is done through a system of special electrodes that are placed on a suit worn by the person exercising. What is important, this “armor” is relatively light and does not restrict movement.

For whom is this training intended?

Muscle electrostimulation is designed for people of all ages and fitness levels. EMS training can be used by people who are professionally or competitively involved in sports, as well as those who want to return to physical activity after an injury. EMS will be an ideal solution for all those who care about fast effects. The first effects of muscle electrostimulation training can be seen even after a month. EMS is used by experienced athletes from all over the world, such as footballers, boxers and bodybuilders.

However, EMS is not suitable for people with pacemakers, pregnant women, and those suffering from cancer.

Why is it worth it?

– What is very important, EMS training is performed with participation of personal trainers. Thanks to this we are sure that it will be done in a correct and safe way.

– Muscle electrostimulation is highly effective when it comes to eliminating the lack of skin firmness. It combats cellulite, and the skin becomes tighter.

– It is a very good solution for people after injuries, because during the exercise muscles are stimulated to increased work. This increases their strength and allows for a faster return to exercise.

– It is also a good workout for those who do not have much time. EMS takes half an hour, and only two workouts per week are enough to achieve results.

– Electrostimulation of muscles also leads to burning a large number of calories – up to 1,200 kcal per workout. EMS combined with easy exercises becomes an intense workout for the whole body.

– What is important, during such a workout, the joints and spine are not stressed, and the impulses strengthen deeply located muscle fibers.

Where to exercise?

The presence of a personal trainer when exercising is very important for many people. The best offer in the field of EMS training has MEON EMS studio. It is important that qualified trainers approach each person individually and that EMS studios can be found in many cities, ie: Bielsko-Biała, Chrzanów, Gdańsk, Katowice (2 studios), Opole, Poznań, Szamotuły, Tychy, Wrocław.

Why EMS is performed with a trainer?

Before starting such a workout, the trainer performs a body composition analysis and chooses an appropriate type of exercises. They are adjusted to your condition and to the training goals that you want to achieve. After appropriate examinations and interview, a special vest, thigh and arm bands, and electrodes are put on over a fitted sports outfit. Electrodes are attached to them.

The electrical impulses support the brain and stimulate the neurons in the muscles to work.

The help of a personal trainer is essential here – the exercises are tailored to each individual, allowing optimal results to be achieved in a short time. Professional care of a trainer also includes regular consultations and a planned diet. It is also important because a well-balanced diet is necessary to achieve the desired results.

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