Go fishing! What should you know before you start fishing?

Go fishing! What should you know before you start fishing?

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Fishing is becoming an increasingly popular hobby, but it requires proper preparation. What is worth knowing before you start fishing? What fishing equipment should I choose?

Is a fishing license always necessary?

Many beginner anglers wonder if a fishing license is always necessary. Well, it all depends on the fishery. You can fish in commercial areas and areas belonging to the Polish Angling Association. In commercial fishing grounds, you do not need a fishing licence, it is only required in waters belonging to the Polish Angling Association (PZW).

To fish in the fisheries of the Polish Angling Association (PZW), you must pay membership fees in the angling club and have a fishing card. To get one, you must: be at least 14 years old, know the regulations for fishing and pass the state exam in the PZW.

The strike calendar – is it worth taking it into account?

Many experienced anglers question the validity of this calendar, but for a beginner it will be perfect. In it, you can find information about when and what fish you can catch. The calendar contains information about the intensity of the fish bite, which depends not only on the phase of the moon, but also on the weather conditions. All the information contained in it can be very useful for beginner anglers.

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When is the closed season for fish?

A beginner angler should also know when fish cannot be caught. The closed season is tailored to the biological nature and abundance of the species. If the beginner angler violates this law, he must reckon with the consequences – a fine or even imprisonment.

How to start the adventure with fishing?

The beginner angler often faces a dilemma: which fishing method to choose. People who are just beginning their adventure with fishing should try the float fishing method first. This will help you get used to the rod, control it and learn the behavior of fish. Only when this method is already mastered, you can get acquainted with other fishing methods, such as

  • spinning – is done with a rod, reel and artificial lure. This method is usually used to catch predatory fish such as pike;
  • ground – this method is based on a rod, line, weight and a leader with a hook. Instead of a float, a buzzer suspended on the line is used;
  • fly – the method is based on the use of a fly rod, fly reel and a special line.

What equipment should I choose to start?

If you start your adventure with fishing, it is worth choosing the simplest equipment, because the possibilities of the complicated one will not be used – in addition, the advanced rod costs a lot. If we do not like catching fish, then the money will be thrown down the drain.

The basic fishing equipment is:

  • rod,
  • line,
  • hook,
  • weight,
  • bait,
  • float.

You can prepare the bait yourself at home. The best is breadcrumbs, corn flakes, ground cookies or ground nuts. You can also visit a fishing store and buy ready-made bait.

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Other useful accessories when fishing are:

  • wobblers – artificial lures. There are various types available in angling stores, e.g. sinking and floating ones;
  • jerkbaits – a group of artificial lures used mainly in jerking;
  • stirrup – helps to mount the spinner quickly;
  • safetypin – allows you to quickly change the lure or float;
  • waders – high boots useful while fishing;
  • folding chair – a must-have for anglers fishing from the bank;
  • rod rests;
  • a fishing bag – will hold all the necessary accessories during fishing.

Good equipment is essential. However, a beginner angler should decide only on the necessary equipment. Only when he is convinced that this is a hobby for him, you can gradually increase it.

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