Does bedding material matter?
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Does bedding material matter?

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The saying “you make your bed, so you sleep” can be taken very literally. Bedding can have a significant impact on the quality of our sleep. That is why it is worth to choose the one, in which we will sleep best. We suggest, what materials will be the most suitable

When it comes to sleep, it is extremely important not only its quantity, but also quality. In order to take care of it, it is worth to pay attention to your bedroom and especially to the bedclothes, in which we sleep every day. Learn about the advantages of different materials and choose the perfect bedding for yourself.

Cotton bedding

The most popular material that is used to sew bedding is cotton. It is from it that such fabrics as flannel, satin, jersey, or the highest quality Egyptian cotton are produced. Why is cotton bedding so popular? Because it has a number of advantages. First of all, it is hygroscopic, resistant to stretching, available in many colors and patterns, as well as relatively cheap. Cotton can also be washed in a washing machine and ironed, so keeping the bed linen clean will not be difficult. You can find beautiful cotton bedding at

Linen bedding

Bedding is also sewn from linen, which is considered to be the healthiest material. Linen bedding has many advantages, so it will also be a great choice. It is a natural material, very often undyed. Linen fibres are resistant to stretching and abrasion and the material is breathable. A great advantage is the fact that linen warms in winter and cools in summer. The only thing, which can be a bit discouraging, is unfortunately the price of such bedding. However, it can be treated as a good investment, which will serve you for years, because if properly cared for it will keep its appearance and properties for a very long time.

Silk bedding

A slightly more luxurious solution for the bedroom is silk. Silk bedding is extremely soft and smooth. You can use it both in summer and winter as it allows your skin to breathe, which ensures a comfortable sleep. An important advantage of silk, is also the fact that it absorbs moisture well, but is not wet. However, silk bedding owes its popularity in recent years to slightly different properties. This is because this bedding, and especially the pillows, make it so that neither skin nor hair gets crumpled during sleep. So we can say that silk has properties that prevent wrinkles and hair breakage and frizz.

Wool Bedding

Wool is most often associated with thick sweaters, socks, hats or coats. However, it is also used for bedding. Although it is not as popular as classic cotton, linen or satin, it is a sensational solution. Wool is a very airy, even breathable material, so it is perfect for any season of the year. Woolen fibers also improve blood circulation, and because they contain lanolin, dust mites do not multiply in them. It is worth remembering, however, that in order for wool to retain all its properties, it is necessary to wash it at very low temperatures.

What else should you pay attention to?

As you can already see, the material of bedding is quite important. What else is worth paying attention to when choosing? Although it may seem quite trivial, the color of the bedding is also an important aspect. For example, studies show that bedding with dark colors can make you feel depressed. So choose one in soft and calming colors. Different shades of blue, yellow or green will work perfectly in this role.

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