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Home Remedies for Ants

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Summer, sunshine and… ants. This is how most of us associate vacations. Unfortunately, these tiny insects can really spoil your summer vacation. If you want to learn how to get rid of them with home remedies, you should read this article.

Where do ants come from?

These little bugs come into our homes mainly in search of food. Any leftover food or trash cans are extremely tempting to ants. You must remember that ants feed on basically everything

These little travellers get into our homes through all window cracks and crevices. It is worth preventing them from establishing entire colonies in our homes in advance – as a large number of ants will be difficult to remove

Are home remedies effective?

Despite the fact that ants are extremely useful – among other things, they eat ticks and loosen soil by mixing it – they can be really unbearable tenants. You have to remember that the chemicals used in getting rid of ants can be dangerous to your health and that of your pets. So, it is worth opting for natural solutions. It turns out that they are as effective as store-bought chemical preparations.

Lemon is an enemy of ants?

It turns out that yes! Lemon juice repels ants thanks to its sour smell and taste. Just dilute lemon juice with water and pour this mixture into a bottle with an atomizer. Now spray the juice on the places that ants like and you are done!

The downside of this solution is, unfortunately, quite a short period of action – so you need to repeat the spraying, for example, every day. It is worth knowing that citrus peels are extremely toxic to ants. You can also use orange peel to repel ants – simply grind it lightly and scatter it over the areas targeted by ants

Rice not only for food

In the fight against ants, rice can also help. Sprinkle raw white rice on the spots where ants appear. After some time, the rice will be covered with mold – this mold is very toxic to these little travelers.

Baking powder

It turns out that a fairly effective way to repel ants is baking powder. Just sprinkle it in areas that are particularly prone to ants and that should keep them away. Baking soda works similarly to baking powder.

Black pepper for black ants

One of the more interesting ways to get rid of ants is with black, strong smelling, preferably ground black pepper. You should mix a glass of water with five tablespoons of the spice and, like lemon juice, pour it into a bottle with an atomizer. Now all you have to do is spray intensively on your favorite ant areas and you’re done!

Cinnamon barrier

This method will also work if ants bother you in the garden. Just sprinkle cinnamon on plants or ant “visiting” areas. This will certainly create a kind of barrier and protect your plants from the little pests

What do ants not like?

The above described home remedies for getting rid of ants are just the tip of the iceberg. It turns out that there are quite a few products that ants do not like and that you can successfully use to exterminate them. Such products include vinegar, essential oils (for example, mint, lavender or lemon). Ants also hate petroleum jelly or dishwashing liquid

It turns out that spices can also help in the fight against ants: marjoram or tomato leaves scattered in places with signs of ant presence work wonders! Spreading charcoal or salt is also a good way.

As you can see, home remedies are extremely effective, their disadvantage may be durability. However, it is worth opting for such natural remedies – they will definitely not harm your health and will also be safe for children and pets living in the house.

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