Large garden space – how to decorate it with ideas?
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Large garden space – how to decorate it with ideas?

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Sitting in the garden on warmer days is one of the best leisure ideas for seniors. However, when you have a large area to develop, here comes the intrusive question – how to do it with ideas?

Take advantage of nature’s gifts

Gardening can be a physically demanding hobby, but that doesn’t mean seniors can’t take it up. What better mood booster than regular contact with nature and the opportunity to admire the physical fruits of one’s hard work? In order for a senior to enjoy the delights of this hobby to the fullest, their garden needs to be equipped with the right amenities. Invest in tools that are designed with retirees and people with disabilities in mind. To ensure that constant squatting and bending doesn’t put a strain on your joints, purchase raised plant pots instead of regular beds. Also consider getting a chair on wheels so you can move around without changing position.

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If you don’t want to invest in a hobby yet because you’re afraid it won’t appeal to you – rest assured, you don’t have to spend a ton of money to make it easier on yourself. Problems with squatting can be alleviated by putting a thick cushion under your knees, and instead of raised beds you can simply put old books, used tires or unwanted bricks under regular pots.

A terrace that delights

When we think about organizing our space, our first thought may be the problem of choosing furniture. So often we forget that if our walls and floors don’t look decent, even artfully chosen furniture won’t guarantee us a good-looking design.

This problem becomes more prominent in the subject of building a terrace, as we have to think not only about the aesthetic value of flat surfaces, but also about their usability. The terrace is exposed to the constant influence of negative external factors such as rain, snow, high and low temperatures. That is why it is worthwhile to choose exotic wood when choosing panels for a terrace. Woods such as tigerwood or massaranduba are characterized by strength, thickness, hardness and resistance to weather and abrasion. Plus, their reddish hue blends in beautifully in the afternoon when sunlight bathes the patio.

An opportunity to strengthen family ties

Make sure your patio has some basic patio furniture so you can spend time with loved ones outdoors. When choosing a table, think about how many people it should accommodate so that no one in your family feels excluded when dining together. Simple, rectangular tables will work better for this purpose.

If you don’t plan to have dinner parties in the garden, a round, low table can be a good alternative. Because of its height, it won’t be as comfortable a place to eat a meal, but it will be perfect for putting down a half-drunk glass of compote or an interrupted book.

Grandchild’s zone

If you have children in your family, it’s a good idea to set aside some of the free garden space as a safe zone for them. In summer you can put a portable swimming pool there and in winter decorate it with a snowman built together. To cultivate a love of nature in your grandchild, fill this space with gardening tools suitable for little ones. Children love to spend active time with their families, so giving them their own corner where they can emulate and learn from their grandparents about caring for nature will strengthen your bond.

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Remember your four-legged friend

Animals – who doesn’t love them? They accompany us through life, provide entertainment and comfort on cloudy days. Return the favor to your faithful friend by placing a dog bed near the garden table so that the dog, while resting, feels part of human activities. You can decorate your pet’s corner in a variety of ways, from bone-shaped cushions to make his relaxation time more enjoyable to embroidering his name on the bed.

If you choose an open bed, it’s important that it’s in a shady spot. This will allow your dog to shelter from the sun’s rays on warmer days. Also, make sure there is constant access to water. You don’t have to put a bowl in your garden if it doesn’t suit your aesthetic vision. Just make sure that whenever you and your pet spend time together outside, you have a bottle of water with you that is exclusively for your dog. Your pup will definitely appreciate it.

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