What accessories are worth buying for your dog?
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What accessories are worth buying for your dog?

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Dogs are extremely intelligent animals that need a great deal of attention, exercise and intellectual stimulation. Providing your pet with opportunities to fulfill these needs is the key to a happy, active and rewarding life. This will also help you avoid behavioral problems resulting from frustration growing in your pooch. What accessories are worth buying for your pet so that it does not get bored, lives an active and happy life? We already answer!

Walking on a harness or on a collar?

Dogs need a lot of exercise, but a walk is not only an opportunity to run around and satisfy physiological needs. On a walk, a dog fulfills its need to explore the area. It uses its sense of smell to gather a lot of information about its surroundings and other animals in the area. During the walk, the dog should have as much freedom as possible to explore the area and sniff. The leash should be a long rope over which you, as the guardian, have full control. Automatic, Flexi type leashes are not the best solution because the dog learns a lot of unwanted behavior on them. As for the dilemma of a dog harness or a collar, there is no one universal answer. You need to match the option to your dog. Both forms have their pros and cons. We would only caution against easy-walk harnesses. They are designed in such a way that, yes, they reduce pulling on the leash, but they don’t treat the cause of it, and they can lead to serious health consequences. They limit the natural movement of the shoulder girdle in a dog and can lead to joint degeneration even at a young age

Interactive toys for your dog

Intellectual stimulation is just as important as physical exercise. Your dog should have the opportunity to tire his mind for at least an hour a day. Appropriate toys and gadgets will serve him for that. A very good method to stimulate the dog’s intellect, and at the same time to realize his need to sniff, is nosework. Its most basic form is to give the dog a sniffing mat, more developed are searching for snacks hidden in the room or sniffing along a trail. Another way to engage your dog intellectually is to use a dog toy that dispenses food, such as a “gourmet ball.” You can put dog snacks or simply dry food in such a toy as a reward for the intellectual effort put into the game. Pay attention to the composition of what you give your dog. Both food and snacks should contain as much meat as possible, but no grain, which is not digested by the dog’s digestive system. Always read the composition of what you give your dog, because proper nutrition is the basis for a long, healthy and happy life of your dog. You can buy food and treats for interactive toys at

Toys can also have other functions, such as calming. Balls, mats and KONG type toys are used for licking, which is a natural defense mechanism for a dog in a stressful situation. Giving your dog such a toy during a visit from guests, during a thunderstorm or any other stressful situation will allow him to curb his emotions, calm down and avoid implementing unhealthy ways of coping with anxiety, such as aggression

Every dog needs intellectual fatigue. It is a real workout for the brain, which influences the dog to learn faster. It also improves the quality of sleep, as the dog enters the REM phase faster, where the brain rests and memories and new skills are consolidated in long-term memory. Attractive, long and well-run walks, combined with sniffing games and more, are a good start to building a strong and close relationship with your dog.

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