Apartment for seniors. How to arrange it functionally
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Apartment for seniors. How to arrange it functionally

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Senior living should be safe and comfortably furnished. How to furnish the apartment for seniors? What is worth paying attention to?

How to design a senior-friendly apartment?

With age, the condition and coordination become weaker, which can lead to an accident. Most of such incidents happen to elderly people at home. Therefore, it is advisable to provide them with maximum safety right in the apartment.

In order for the seniors to be independent for as long as possible, it is necessary to furnish the place of residence properly. Sometimes even small changes in the arrangement will make an elderly person independent. Modern technologies and design make it possible for a senior’s apartment to be functional and safe.

What changes should be made in the rooms?

One of the most important issues in arranging a functional apartment for a senior is the rounded shapes of the equipment. A low, round table without edges is much more practical than one with edges – the risk of bumping is minimized. Furniture such as chest of drawers, bookcase or cupboard should be fixed to the wall with pins. This way, if the elderly person leans against it, it will not topple over.


When decorating a bathroom, you should first of all pay attention to the way of moving – the floor in the bathroom should not be slippery. Therefore, the tiles should have a non-slip layer. It is also worth abandoning all rugs and mats. If a general renovation is involved, then safety should be improved by eliminating thresholds and widening doors (so that you can easily enter the bathroom in a wheelchair). A shower tray integrated into the floor is also a big improvement.

It is a good idea to install a washbasin with handles so that you can catch your balance. The mirror should be hung at such a height so that you can easily see yourself in it while standing or sitting.

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A practical but expensive device is a wash-and-dry toilet. This makes it unnecessary to use a bidet, which is a convenience for the elderly. Handles can be installed next to the toilet to make it easier to sit down and stand up.


The most important piece of furniture in a bedroom is a bed. The bed should be high enough to reach your knees. The mattress should be firm. Handrails are very practical as they make getting in and out of bed easier. Rugs and carpets should be avoided next to the bed, a carpet laid all over the room is best. If the elderly person uses a wheelchair or walker, a hard-pile carpet is best.

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In the skirting board it is worth to install LED lighting with a motion sensor. Thanks to this, the night way to the bathroom can take place without any obstacles.


The hallway should be very spacious so that the senior can move around it without any problem. The room should include a shoe cabinet with a seat. This will make changing shoes less of a hassle.


The kitchen for a senior should have the right built-in height. All countertops should be at such a level that they can be used while sitting. Make sure that the edges of the countertops are rounded. In kitchen furniture it is worth installing modern cargo systems, which will enable more convenient use.

Living room

When decorating a living room for a senior, pay special attention to armchairs and sofas. They should be with a firm seat. The best solution are armchairs and sofas with adjustable headrests and armrests. The seat should not be too low, as this makes it difficult to stand up.

Carpets and rugs should have short pile, as long pile makes it difficult to move in a wheelchair or walk with a cane.

What amenities are worth using?

In an apartment for a senior citizen, it is a good idea to introduce amenities that will make life easier for the older person. When choosing appliances, choose those that have easy operation and a clear control panel. The devices should have “reminders” that signal the end of work.

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