Garden roses. Cultivation and care
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Garden roses. Cultivation and care

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Red, yellow, pink and tea roses – you can choose one species or make any composition of them. A little time, commitment, and basic knowledge is all it takes to turn roses into garden ornamentals.

Where to start?

Fertile, humus-rich soil with a neutral or slightly acidic pH (between 6 and 6.5) is best for these flowers. Soil that is too acidic can be prepared by liming it with chalk or a special lime fertiliser. If the soil is alkaline, it can be made more acidic with ammonium sulphate.

Where you plant the roses is also important. It turns out that they should not grow in the chosen place. If you want to renew a bed, however, you should replace the soil to a depth of around 50 cm beforehand. It is important to give roses a sunny position

Avoid planting them next to densely growing plants, because they will be smaller and weakened by fungal diseases. Aphids and powdery mildew can also feed on them. Therefore, a suitable environment is essential, both for professional and amateur rose growers. In addition, these flowers have a well-developed root system, so they are difficult to repot and should not be repotted.

How do I plant garden roses?

The best time to plant roses is in spring or autumn. You will recognize the right time by the fact that forsythia has begun to bloom. After choosing a place for planting, the soil should be dug and thoroughly cleaned from weeds, it is also worth enriching it with compost or peat.

After two weeks remove damaged roots, and cut healthy roots by about 20 cm. Then from 15 minutes to an hour soak the bush in water with a fungicide preparation and transplant it to a deep hole. Let the roots lie vertically and let the grafting point be a few centimeters above the ground. Later, tamp the soil gently and water it, then cover with a few centimeters thick layer of pine bark. This will keep the soil moist longer and prevent weeds from growing

How to fertilize and water?

Roses should be watered early in the morning or in the evening – not often, but plenty. An exception are young seedlings whose root systems are just beginning to develop

As with other plants, it is best to water them with rainwater and avoid spraying the leaves and petals as this can cause sunburn. Roses are much more demanding when it comes to fertilizer, so you have to provide it regularly and in quite large amounts

Protection and care of roses

Pruning roses is important. If the stems get too big they will not be good for the growth of the whole plant. Pruning will get rid of diseased and dead shoots and will contribute to more abundant flowering. It is necessary only once a year, in March, after the strongest frost.

Make sure that you peel off the wilted flowers often enough, as this will help the plant bloom longer. The calyxes should be cut off together with a piece of the twig at a distance of about 0.5 cm from the first leaf. Before winter sets in, the roses should be protected from low temperatures. Make a small mound around the base of the shoots and cover it with spruce twigs. Cover the higher parts with corrugated cardboard or straw.

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