How to decorate a bathroom for a senior citizen?
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How to decorate a bathroom for a senior citizen?

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Bathrooms for seniors should, above all, be comfortable and convenient. Every interior in the house should be adjusted to the needs of the household members. So find out what to keep in mind when decorating a functional bathroom for seniors.

When it comes to rooms in the house, the most important thing is to make their use fully comfortable and convenient. This is why it is so important to properly furnish the bathroom for a senior citizen. We suggest how to do it.

Bathtub or shower?

The most important question you should ask yourself when arranging a bathroom for an elderly person is – a bathtub or a shower? The most convenient will of course be shower enclosures, especially those of the walk-in type. Such an open shower, is simply a section of the bathroom separated by a wall of glass and a mounted shower faucet. It is therefore a perfect solution for seniors, because entering such a cabin, there is no obstacle of any kind, and also you do not have to open or close the door behind you. The cabins of this type can also be used without any problems by people in wheelchairs. In addition, such a cabin walk-in much easier to keep clean than the traditional one, because it does not have any hard to reach nooks and crannies. In addition, this is also a very effective solution and gives the bathroom a character.

However, many people can not imagine the bathroom without the possibility of relaxation in the bathtub. In such a situation, it is good to decide on a model with a bathtub screen – then you can take a bath standing up, just like in the shower. If you have problems with your motor skills, it is also a good idea to place special handrails or seats in the bathtub, which will make using it much easier

In bathrooms for seniors, the right mixer is also very important. Single lever faucets with thermostats are best, as elderly people may have problems with turning on the taps. It is good if the spout is not too short as using them is easier then.

So if you are looking for the perfect shower or bathtub and you live in the Wielkopolska region, be sure to visit Salon Łazienek in Poznań.

Bathroom sinks and bowl – how to choose them for the bathroom for seniors?

In addition to the bathtub or shower, it is extremely important to choose other elements of bathroom equipment. Among others, it is worth paying attention to the washbasin. When buying it, remember to choose it in such a way as to create as much space as possible for movement, while facilitating handling. The height of the washbasin should be adjusted to the elderly person’s mobility, and it should not be placed too high. It is also important what kind of toilet bowl you choose. Above all, it should not be mounted too low, which may make it difficult for the senior to get up. You can also opt for a raised toilet seat. This type of toilet bowl is much easier to use for people who have trouble getting up. There are also elongated toilet bowls designed for people with reduced mobility, so it’s easier to get to them in a wheelchair or on a stool and then move to the toilet.

Amenities for seniors

In fact, any bathroom can be adapted for comfortable use by the elderly. You don’t have to completely redecorate and replace all the fixtures – you can also install senior-friendly fixtures, such as grab bars and seats for the bathtub, sink and toilet. Handrails can help you sit on the toilet or get in and out of the bathtub without the help of another person. A great convenience are seats, which are located in shower cabins, or as overlays used for bathtubs.

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