Sugar paste for a cake. How to make homemade decorations?

Sugar paste for a cake. How to make homemade decorations?

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Do you usually rely on ordered cakes, because decorating baked goods on your own seems difficult to you? Nothing could be further from the truth. Check out how to make sugar mass and much more, and your family will be delighted with the cake you prepare.

Homemade cakes – the cheaper option and not at all worse!

You are pretty good in the kitchen, but you think that handmade cake for family celebration is too high a bar? Have you ordered a cake from your favorite cake shop again?

But maybe it is worth to try your hand at it, if only because of the prices of ordered cakes. Such a cake is a considerable expense! In case of cakes for larger number of portions the prices can be even several hundred PLN. Isn’t it enough motivation to learn the secrets of baking sponge cake, preparing cream and, what is important, decorating the cake? Sugar mass – it sounds like a challenge. Believe it is easier than you may think. Seriously!

How to make sugar fondant – is it so difficult?

Cakes decorated with sugar mass have no equal when it comes to aesthetic value. With the help of this product you can create real wonders! Birthday of your husband, child, granddaughter… Are any of these occasions approaching fast? So it’s a great time to find out how to make sugar mixture. You will be surprised how easy it is. Maybe you will discover a new talent in yourself and permanently treat your loved ones with cakes of your own making?

Step by step

Start your preparations by shopping or checking the contents of your kitchen cupboards, because you can easily prepare the sugar mixture using products present in most homes. You will need: 250 g powdered sugar, a tablespoon of potato flour, a flat tablespoon of gelatin, 30 ml of water, a tablespoon of lemon juice and orange flavouring. Also prepare water and coconut oil – it will come in handy to give the mass the right consistency. How to make the sugar mixture from this? Check in a few steps:

  1. Sift powdered sugar and flour into a bowl.
  2. Soak the gelatin in water.
  3. Then melt it in a water bath
  4. Add it to the powdered sugar together with the lemon juice and flavouring.
  5. Knead the mixture, if necessary sprinkle with potato flour
  6. If our mass is too dry, add a little water
  7. While kneading you can also add a little coconut oil, which makes the mass smooth and elastic.

Thus prepared mass is ready for use immediately after kneading. Is it difficult? Of course not!

How to decorate a Cake differently?

Is the preparation of sugar mass necessary to make your cake beautifully decorated? Definitely not. If you are not convinced about this type of decoration or you just don’t feel like preparing it, don’t worry. This is not the only option for decorating a homemade cake. Today we have a whole lot of possibilities and let’s not be afraid to use them. It is time for a review of cake decorations without sugar mass!

Naked cake – it is also in vogue!

A great alternative to cakes decorated with sugar mass are so called naked cakes. This is simply a cake consisting of sponge cakes covered with cream, without any additional decorations in the form of sugar mass or cream, with which the cake could be covered. The name of this trend says clearly, that we are dealing with a charming “naked” cake, which is very trendy. Such a cake looks great decorated only with fruits or with the decoration from fresh flowers.

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Naked cake is a trend that appeared a few years ago and nothing promises that it will disappear from the pedestal! If you want to show off your knowledge of confectionery novelties in front of your relatives, and by the way you do not want to make sugar mass, we think we found a perfect solution for you? You can also decorate your cake with cream, for this you will need a sugar sleeve and a spatula for smoothing it out. You will have a wow effect with or without the buttercream.

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