Alternative ways of brewing coffee – what is worth trying?

Alternative ways of brewing coffee – what is worth trying?

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Coffee can taste in many different ways. It is worth taking an interest in different methods of brewing it and thus discovering new taste qualities.

Many people cannot imagine a day without one (or preferably at least two) cups of coffee. Coffee is undoubtedly one of the most popular drinks in the world. Everyone loves its intense, stimulating aroma and unique taste. Studies prove that the caffeine it contains not only stimulates, but also improves mood. The times when coffee was poured over water and made quickly are slowly becoming a thing of the past. More and more people are looking for alternative ways of brewing it, which affects the taste. What methods of making coffee are worth testing?

Coffee maker – the most popular way to brew aromatic coffee

The coffee maker is a real hit these days when it comes to brewing coffee. Many people give up the convenient coffee maker for it, claiming that coffee from a coffee machine tastes much better. Besides, the preparation of a small black is then trivially easy and quick. All you need to do is pour warm water into the bottom part of the cafe, while pour coffee into the top with a strainer. Combine the top and bottom, set the coffeemaker on the stove and wait. This will make a very aromatic coffee, which in taste is very similar to real espresso.

Drip – a little-known, but what an interesting alternative to brewing coffee.

Few people are familiar with the coffee brewing method called “drip”. And that’s a shame, because it’s really great. It comes from the word “dripper”, which means pouring. This alternative guarantees a coffee that is light, subtle in taste, and undoubtedly delicious. To prepare it, you need a Japanese dripper (to buy online). Pour good quality coffee beans into the dripper and pour hot water. After a while we have an aromatic drink as if from a prestigious coffee shop.

Aeropress is becoming more and more popular

Another alternative method of brewing coffee is to use an aeropress. This device was developed relatively recently, only in 2005, but more and more coffee lovers recognize its advantages.

The device by its shape resembles a thick, large syringe. How is it used? First you need to boil water, then put the filter on. The lower part of the device with the filter is placed on a cup and coarsely ground coffee is poured in. We pour in boiling water. We stir and put on the upper part – the so-called plunger. After a minute we press the plunger, squeezing the coffee until we hear a hissing sound. The drink brewed in this way has a distinct, intense flavor and is very aromatic. 


Fans of coffee that is very delicate in taste should test a chemex. A very thick filter is inserted into the container, and preparing coffee in it is very easy. All you have to do is, after wetting the filter, pour in the coffee and pour in the water. We leave it for about 4 minutes. After this time we can enjoy its rather delicate taste and beautiful aroma.

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