Learn about coffee brewing techniques
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Learn about coffee brewing techniques

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Making coffee can be a real art. Read the article to learn the secrets of coffee brewing, so you can prepare the perfect beverage in your own home.

There are many brewing techniques, but for a delicious taste, choosing the right coffee is key. It’s a good idea to buy it from local roasters or choose a coffee shopthat orders blends from trusted producers. When buying coffee, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the level of intensity, the composition of the beans and the flavour profile. Baristas usually recommend coffee beans, which offer deep intensity and a refined taste Specialty coffee it stands out in this regard because it is synonymous with the highest quality and a guarantee that the beans come from the freshest harvest. Usually, coffee irreversibly loses more than half of its percentage of flavor and aroma after a quarter of an hour after grinding, so the key to success is also to grind the beans immediately before brewing them

Coffee extraction methods

There are many techniques for making coffee. It all depends on the time you can devote to preparing the drink, your budget, and your preferred taste and grind level. Coffee shops generally use a pressurized coffee maker. For beginning coffee connoisseurs it is often recommended to buy a pour-over coffee maker or a coffee machine, which are much cheaper and easier to maintain. It is worth noting that the quality of the water used also affects the taste of the coffee. Water that is too soft should not be used as it can make the drink more acidic. Conversely, too-hard water runs the risk of flattening the flavour of the beans. Baristas usually recommend preparing coffee with filtered water.

Filter coffee maker

When buying a filter coffee maker, it is important to check whether it has a heating function. In this type of coffee maker you can brew an entire pot of coffee in a short time. You will also need paper filters and filtered water. A drip coffee maker is best suited to good quality light or medium roast coffee, the flavour of which should be tailored to personal preferences.

Espresso machine

Pressurized coffee makers are usually divided into the flask and automatic models. To prepare a beverage with a cob machine, you will need some time to delve into the subtleties of the brewing process, which may not be to everyone’s liking. The basic drink prepared in a flask machine is espresso, which is the basis for all other coffee drinks. An automatic espresso machine, on the other hand, is simpler and quicker to use and often allows you to program specific drinks. When buying an espresso machine, it’s worth taking into account the size of the machine and whether the machine allows you to manipulate the height of the filler so that you can place a taller glass underneath it, for example to make a latte macchiato.

Alternative methods for making coffee

Among the alternative methods, baristas distinguish the French press, coffee maker, and aeropress. A very convenient and simple coffee brewing method is the french press. It is a glass vessel equipped with a lid and a special piston with a sieve, which, after coffee brewing, allows the separation of a clear beverage. French press is perfect for home, travel or work. It is worth remembering that coffee brewed in it differs from that from a pour-over coffee maker or a café due to its milder taste and lighter body. Aeropress is also very popular, as it combines features of three popular coffee brewing methods, i.e. traditional coffee maker, French press and pour-over method. The small brewer is easy to use and handy to take on the go

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