What curtains to choose for the living room?
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What curtains to choose for the living room?

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Properly selected curtains are able to transform the appearance of any interior. It is the same in the case of the living room. Therefore, it is worth knowing what to follow when buying curtains for the living room.

Optical enlargement of the room

Curtains can be a background for the arrangement of the living room. You can also use them to optically reduce or enlarge the room. Bright fabrics, for example, shades of white and ecru illuminate the living room, so it works perfectly in smaller interiors. In turn, in large living rooms you can boldly choose stronger colors or curtains with dense, large patterns. Here very well work shiny fabrics curtains.

Protection from the rays

Curtainsfor the living room of denser materials are often combined with curtains. Then they fulfill not only the decorative function, but also shield the windows from the sun’s rays. Softer fabrics, such as tulle will let more light into the living room. Such curtains work best in windows that face north. On the other hand, for poorly lit interiors, it is best to use slanted curtains or those pinned on the sides.

The right length

If the living room is large and spacious, long curtains will look good in it. It is worth combining them with heavy curtains or with modern roller blinds. In smaller living rooms, it is better to hang shorter curtains, reaching to the windowsill. An interesting visual effect can be achieved by matching them with longer curtains.

Choose curtains to match the style

Window decoration can be an important point in the arrangement of the living room. So it is best to make sure that the curtains match the decor of the entire room. For white and other light colors on the walls will best fit more expressive curtains, for example, colorful or patterned. If the living room is dominated by stronger colors, it is better to hang there a light, smooth curtain.

Rustic style

For a rustic style, which is very often chosen to arrange the living room, the most suitable will be light curtains in muted colors, so white, gray, cream or coffee. For a cozy interior will also fit thick, traditional curtains. But it is better not to choose intense colors, because they can overwhelm the interior.

Retro style

For retro style, it is best to choose universal, white, light curtains. Due to their classic nature, they will not overwhelm the interior and will perfectly complement any retro living room, no matter what time from the past it will refer to.

Glamour style

Another style that is ideal for living room arrangements is glamour. It is characterized by high quality of all elements and elegance. So the most important thing is that also the curtains are made of good quality materials. For decorative chandeliers and often very decorative pieces of equipment, it is best to choose a curtain that will somewhat calm the character of the interior. Too conspicuous curtain could overwhelm the interior.

Scandinavian style

This is the complete opposite of glamour style. Here the most characteristic is minimalism, muted colors and a small number of accessories. It is worth choosing curtains that will fit into the cozy atmosphere of such a living room. Thick curtains can work well. As for colors, the most appropriate will be shades of white and gray. However, you can use curtains to break the calm character of the interior and choose a more pronounced color.

Classic style

In this kind of living room, minimalism and simplicity are also put on the agenda. The whole arrangement is based on functionality and elegance, so it is worth reaching for the most traditional curtains. Subdued colors and delicate texture will perfectly fit into the living room arranged in this style.

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