What should be in your diet to strengthen your bones?

What should be in your diet to strengthen your bones?

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Taking care of bones is very important at a certain age – you need to remember about it in order not to have big problems in the future. How to compose a diet that strengthens bones? What cannot be missing in it? We suggest some beneficial solutions

Osteoporosis – a deadly enemy of strong bones

Progress of Osteoporosis is very destructive for the body. What does this disease consist in? It concerns low bone mass and disorders that arise in the bone structure, which leads to brittleness and high bone fragility. It is not a natural consequence of aging, but a disease that can be prevented quite effectively. In addition to continuous physical activity, a well-chosen and healthy diet is of great importance in this regard. “Silent bone thief” appears primarily in people over 65 years of age. However, there are much earlier cases affecting even children or adolescents.

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What is good for bones?

Susceptibility to Osteoporosis is genetic, sedentary lifestyle, use of stimulants or low availability of natural light favours it, but our diet is of great importance. What ingredients should we provide to our body to keep our bones healthy? The most important is of course calcium – it is assumed that our body stores as much as 99% of consumed calcium in the bones. No wonder that its supply is particularly important. Vitamin D supplementation is also recommended – regular sun exposure is very important in this case. Good results in the protection of bones will be obtained only when we provide them with an adequate amount of calcium and precisely vitamin D, which allows the absorption of this important component. Also important are

  • zinc,
  • potassium,
  • magnesium,
  • vitamins A, C, vitamin B group,
  • antioxidants,
  • omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids.
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What to avoid to have strong bones?

The right diet for your bones is one that avoids substances that are harmful to them. Too many animal products should be avoided. The body becomes acidified by them – calcium is then excreted with urine. Too much salt should not be consumed and stimulants should be avoided. Alcohol and drinks containing caffeine have a particularly negative effect

Radical weight loss is the enemy of healthy bones

Adequate nutrition provides our skeletal system with necessary products. Unfortunately, many radical diets completely ignore this aspect. Starvation promotes bone problems. Anorexia may contribute to osteoporosis in very young people.

Products that are worth choosing

What to eat to make our bones strong and healthy? First of all it is necessary to balance the diet properly already at a young age, so that the bone system receives a sufficient portion of necessary ingredients, especially calcium and the mentioned vitamin D. Which products are particularly recommended?

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  • dairy products – an extremely important source of calcium for our body. This includes, above all, milk, yogurt and kefir. It is recommended to have at least two glasses of dairy products in our diet every day;
  • vegetable milks, figs, nuts, sesame seeds, and cabbage – these are a valuable source of calcium for those on a vegan diet, and a great supplement for those on a traditional diet;
  • lean meats and legumes – they provide a substantial amount of protein for our bones; they are also a source of B vitamins
  • vegetables and fruits – provide antioxidants which slow down aging
  • oily sea fish – thanks to them we provide our body with omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • coarse-grained groats – a source of magnesium;
  • potatoes, apricots, tomatoes – thanks to them we have potassium;
  • eggs and seafood – important sources of zinc;
  • green leafy vegetables – provide vitamin A.
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