6 ideas on how to repaint living room walls
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6 ideas on how to repaint living room walls

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Living room is a representative interior, a kind of showcase of the house. How to quickly change the appearance of the walls in this room? Here are our ideas for creative painting of living room walls.

Paint templates for decorating walls – simple and effective

An interesting way to arrange living room walls is to use painting templates – you can make them yourself or buy ready-made products made of transparent foil. Especially popular in recent years are tropical patterns – fine leaves or exotic birds will increase the aesthetic value of the room, attracting the eyes of all guests. Depending on your artistic vision, we can use patterns on only one wall or on all of them, obtaining the effect of painted wallpaper.

Two shades – a harmonious monochromatic duet

Another way to inspiringly beautify an interior is to use two shades of the same color – such a combination always looks good. What colors are currently in vogue? Pink, green, blue – juxtaposing two differently saturated shades of these colors will make the interior look fresh and modern. More daring may combine contrasting colors, e.g. white with black, red with green or turquoise with pink.

Amazing Ombre Effect on the Wall

Another proposal for those who are looking for unusual ideas for the metamorphosis of the living room, is painting ombre, which for some time reigns not only on the hair, but also in the interiors of houses and apartments. To achieve the effect of shading on the wall, to smear shades it is best to use sponges and wide brushes (paint rollers will not work well in this role).

If you decide on transitions from the lightest paint at the top to the darker tones at the bottom of the wall, you will optically enlarge the interior. What color should we choose for the ombre wall? It all depends on our preferences, although shades of blue, pink, green and gray look the most impressive.

Geometric patterns

Geometric patterns painted on walls are a strong trend – freely arranged rhombuses, triangles, hexagons or squares give a very interesting effect. They are easy to do and do not require knowledge of any advanced painting techniques. All you need is good will and a large supply of painter’s tape, which, stuck at different angles, will mark out the shapes of particular geometric figures

Modern interior painting

Lampery used to be used to protect walls mainly in public buildings, hospitals, schools or staircases of apartment buildings. Today it is back in favor in a new edition – we can do it in our living room, painting the lower strip in a dark color or completely the other way around!

Although the standard height of lampery is 120 cm, nothing stands in the way of breaking these schemes. Murals lower than half of the wall height optically enlarge the room. On the other hand, panelling which reaches the door frame visually lowers the interior. What colors create a harmonious duet and are perfect for making wall panels? White and various shades of blue (especially navy blue) or white and last season’s extremely fashionable bottle green.

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Handmade patterns – the WOW effect thanks to your own strokes

DIY enthusiasts can give their living room walls a whole new character by covering them with various patterns – it’s quite a time-consuming method that requires precision and patience, but it’s really worth it for the final effect.

How to make patterns? For this purpose, we can use a small sponge, which we will press against the wall at equal distances after having soaked it in the paint tray. Depending on the shape of the sponge – we will get a “wallpaper” with dots, triangles or squares. Another method for decorative painting of walls are colored streaks vertically or horizontally, which can be obtained by making sweeping strokes with a thick brush

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