Plants to decorate your living room
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Plants to decorate your living room

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Interior decoration is not only about paintings or all kinds of trinkets, such as sculptures and figurines, candlesticks and candles or photo frames. Plants have been decorating our homes for a long time, and certainly more than once a beautiful bouquet placed on the table in your living room gave it a completely different expression. For several years there has also been a return of the fashion for green plants, in which young people are also increasingly interested. Thanks to this, it is much easier than before to get interesting varieties and means for their care. What plants should we choose and what should we do if we don’t offer them too much sun – or on the contrary, they will be exposed to heat?

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Monsters received their second life not so long ago, when their hollow, large leaves attracted widespread attention. Their motif could be found literally everywhere – on jewelry, bags or even… bed sheets. Monstera is an excellent – and fashionable! – choice for a living room that has a bit of space, because these plants rarely stay at a small size. They can already be purchased really large, although it is always best to let a smaller specimen grow in its new home. In good conditions, the monstera grows quickly and becomes a beautiful, majestic decoration of the room, to which it brings a sense of peace and security.

What conditions will be best for the monstera?

  • Lighting – the monstera likes diffuse light; it is a plant that lives in the jungle, so exposing it to direct, harsh sun will simply burn it; a young plant can safely be placed in a darker place, but an older plant should be given a little more light.
  • Humidity – moderate.
  • Watering – limited in winter, in summer only after the top layer dries out.

Enchanting flowers

There are few green plants that you don’t really have to worry about blooming. When you want to give your living room a dose of color, bet on anthuriums. In the right conditions another anthurium flower appears quickly and the plant itself can grow to a really large size – all depending on the variety you choose. An interesting feature of anthuriums is that the plant does an excellent job of cleaning the air (from ammonia, xylene, and formaldehyde, among other things). It is a very easy to grow plant, which not only flowers, but also its arrow-shaped or heart-shaped leaves, perfectly serve a decorative function.

What conditions will be best for anthurium?

  • Lighting – bright but diffuse, anthurium should be protected from direct sunlight.
  • Humidity – moderate.
  • Watering – the plant must not stand in water, but it should be watered regularly.
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For a sunny living room

What are the characteristics of plants that will do well on a sunny windowsill or simply in a room whose windows face south? First of all, low humidity requirements. In this category you can include all kinds of cacti and succulents, including very spectacular eszewerie or hawrosias. These plants can grow to a really large size if you provide them with a suitably large pot. Despite appearances, it’s not that difficult to get them to bloom, either! If your idea is to decorate your living room with a few larger plants, bet on bent nolina (also known as elephant’s foot), for example. It’s a plant that has a wide trunk, thickened at the base, where it stores water. At its top grows a rosette of long, sturdy and rough leaves. This plant grows up to one metre and can be a really striking living room decoration

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Not only plants decorate

Although there is probably no one who would say with hand on heart that they don’t like the look of a room decorated with plants (they’d rather say that taking care of plants is too difficult, and it’s enough to start with those suggested for beginners!), it’s worth remembering that man doesn’t live by plants alone. Equally great decoration of the living room will be pots to the living room, decorative bars, on which you will support your plant, or whole constructions, on which it will be able to climb.

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