Important criteria for choosing tiles for your home
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Important criteria for choosing tiles for your home

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Choosing the right tiles is not the simplest of tasks. Manufacturers offer many models that differ from each other in size, material and pattern. It is worth knowing which tiles will work best in a given room. Check what you should be guided by when choosing wall and floor tiles.

The most important criteria for choosing tiles

In addition to aesthetic appearance, it is important how and how often the rooms in which the tiles will be used are used. Others will be suitable for the bathroom, and yet others for the living room or kitchen. Before making a choice, you should check the water absorption of the tiles. It will also allow us to check the frost resistance of the tiles. Stain resistance is also an important criterion. When choosing tiles for the floor or walls in your kitchen, it is better to choose tiles of high resistance class. Hardness of the materials is also important.

Tiles for the kitchen

When deciding on specific tiles for the kitchen, especially floor tiles, remember that in this room the floor is exposed to more frequent damage and dirt. Therefore, it is advisable to choose tiles with high resistance to all dirt and various types of damage. Floor tiles in the kitchen should not have pronounced pits, because if they did, they would collect grease and dirt more easily. Ceramic tiles are a good choice for kitchens. They are durable and very easy to keep clean. You can find a large selection of these tiles, both floor and wall tiles, at

Tiles for the bathroom

Here you should definitely pay attention to the fact that the tiles do not absorb moisture. Therefore, the best tiles may turn out to be stoneware, especially glazed tiles. In contrast to polished stoneware they do not require impregnation and are easier to keep clean. Such tiles are also resistant to breaking. Thanks to their elegant appearance, they are easy to match with many interior styles. Manufacturers offer a very wide range of colors and patterns. Stoneware tiles in different variations are available here: When choosing tiles for your bathroom, remember to also take into account their abrasiveness, slip resistance and resistance to mechanical damage.

Tiles for the living room

When it comes to the criterion of choosing tiles for the living room, here the most important is their abrasiveness and hardness. The living room is the room where you often spend the most time, so it is worth betting on durable tiles.

A good solution for the living room can be large format tiles (large selection at They look very elegant and perfectly fit into minimalistic interiors. They also allow you to almost completely eliminate grout. Tiles of large size and bright colors allow to brighten up and optically enlarge the interior.

Tiles for bedrooms

Tiles that imitate wood will do very well in the bedroom. They will match both classic and modern interiors. Besides, their structure makes them warmer to the touch than ceramic tiles. It is also worth installing floor heating in the bedroom. This will allow you to get the comfort you dream of in the bedroom. Tiles in the bedroom are a good solution also because they do not attract dust and bacteria, so allergy sufferers can sleep well. Here, as in the case of the living room, it is worth considering the abrasiveness and hardness of the tiles. This applies especially to those that will be installed in children’s bedrooms.

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