Home remedies for clogged pipes
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Home remedies for clogged pipes

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Is the water in your sink draining slowly or not at all? The problem of obstructed pipes is one of the troubles that can arise in any home. In stores there are preparations for cleaning pipes, which are chosen by many people, but it is worth knowing that such preparations are not ecological. In addition, you have to pay a lot for them. It is better to opt for homemade mixtures that will help to clean pipes and drains.

Obstruction of pipes

Wondering how the obstruction of pipes manifests itself? A clogged sink can affect the drain in both the kitchen and the bathroom. It is worth knowing that often this problem occurs simultaneously. The cause of such a disorder is the infrequent cleaning of the drain, where food debris, hair and cosmetics can accumulate. Such a combination forms a layer that clogs the pipes and does not allow water to flow freely. In such cases, it happens that the water starts flowing more slowly. As the water flows down, air bubbles appear. Additionally, you may hear bubbling as fluids flow into the pipes. These are the first symptoms, but if you still do nothing while they are occurring, the situation can get worse.

Ways to deal with clogged pipes

Clogged pipes are not just a drainage problem. Additionally, ugly deposits can form in your shower tray, sink, and on your sink. This can be accompanied by a bad smell. At such moments it is worth thinking about cleaning the pipes. For this task, you do not need any chemical preparations available in stores. There are many home mixtures, thanks to which you can get rid of dirt in a very fast, yet safe and ecological way.

Spirit vinegar for clogged pipes

One way is to use salt and spirit vinegar. A glass of salt should be poured into the drain, allowing the product to reach the pipes. Then leave the product like this for a few minutes, and during this time boil spirit vinegar on low heat. After boiling, pour it into the drain, which will take care of its mixing with salt. Such a mixture helps to get rid of even difficult dirt and slime that can form in the pipes. The homemade preparation should be left for at least ten minutes. After this time, you can let hot water run from the tap so that everything is thoroughly washed away. This is a very simple way to do it, and what’s more, all these products are available in the store for a few zlotys.

Citric acid for clogged pipes

Citric acid is known for its cleansing properties. It is perfect for cleaning bathrooms and kitchens. However, it will also work for drain blockages. All you need is two packages of citric acid, which should be poured with hot water. After mixing the ingredients, you should wait until the water cools down and then you can pour the whole specification into the drain. This will help to get rid of not only dirt and remains of food or hair, but also stubborn scale. In this way, the drain will be thoroughly cleaned and the problem with water stagnation or unpleasant odor will definitely disappear. This is a very simple way and does not require a lot of money.

Soda and salt for clogged pipes

Popular products like salt and baking soda are usually available on hand in every kitchen. So if you are experiencing a pipe blockage problem in your home, be sure to reach for them. Just a glass of salt and a glass of baking soda will make the problem go away. Pour hot water over both ingredients and mix thoroughly. When the mixture is ready, pour it down the drain. It will clean the pipes thoroughly and quickly.

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How to prevent pipe blockage?

Pipe blockage very often occurs through grease, food debris, dirt, cosmetics and hair that settle in the drain and plumbing system. A great way to prevent clogged pipes is to buy drain covers so that less dirt gets into the pipes. Additionally, it’s a good idea to make sure that your plumbing is cleaned regularly. Just apply the above-mentioned mixtures once every two months, and the problem with standing water in the sink, basin or bathtub should not arise.

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