Single-bowl sink with draining board. Ideal solution for small kitchen
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Single-bowl sink with draining board. Ideal solution for small kitchen

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In a small kitchen, every centimeter is at a premium. The most important thing is to make the sink take up as little space as possible in favour of a larger worktop

Manufacturers of kitchen fixtures try to meet those requirements and that is why they created one-bowl sinks with draining boards. Not only will they more than do the job, but they won’t take up too much space.

Small kitchen – big needs

A small kitchen doesn’t mean we spend less time in it. The time we have to devote to preparing meals is the same as in a larger room. Only there’s less space, and every bit of it is used up.

Choosing a sink is difficult as it often takes up a lot of countertop, on which you could, for example, spread the ingredients for dinner. In addition, a drainer immediately comes to mind, because, after all, dishes must have a place to dry.

How to solve this problem?

You should choose a sink with one bowl, which is combined with a drainer. The whole is compact and very functional. In addition, the number of available models and shapes is gradually increasing.

In order not to reduce the comfort of using the kitchen, the sink should be roomy and spacious enough to fit at least a frying pan and a few plates. In addition, the faucet must be located high enough to provide space for washing up.

Multifunctional sinks are an invention made for small kitchens. Not only do they save space that would be used for a drainer, but they also allow you to cover the bowl with a special board, which will be an extension of the countertop. Clever, right?

And what about shape and color?

In this matter, in principle, there are no more restrictions, because there are models in many forms and from different types of raw materials. The most common choice for a small kitchen is a corner sink, which also works to the advantage of the countertop size. It is so well integrated into the place, which cannot be used for cooking anyway, that it remains practically unnoticed.

Shape matters

Do you know which sinks take up the least amount of space? Round ones that are very convenient to use. They look beautiful in combination with a countertop. They also come in a version with a drainer. The most popular shapes of sinks are irregular and rectangular. Classic solutions will fit both modern and traditional kitchens. However, sophisticated shapes will complement more minimalistic interiors.

The most interesting proposals can be found in interior design magazines. Often the models presented there are composed into small rooms. It is there that it is most difficult to find the right solution, which will be both pretty and functional, and at the same time will not take up too much space. Interestingly, in the past, the sink and the tap had to match perfectly, but now the fashion is for contrasts: if the bowl is matt, the tap should shine.

A noteworthy idea is to make both the countertop and the sink of one material, which will create a connected whole. Such a procedure allows you to adjust the shape of the chamber at will, and for this, in case of a defect, you only need to add resin, which is the base of flat surfaces in such a kitchen.

Inspiring interiors with interesting solutions do not have to be large and spacious at all. Often it is the small kitchens are developed in such a way that they can surprise many a skeptic.

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