Replacing a sink – what to consider?
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Replacing a sink – what to consider?

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Replacing a sink may not seem like a huge undertaking on the surface, but there are a few elements to consider. We suggest what you should consider above all when choosing a sink for your kitchen

The sink is one of the most essential pieces of kitchen equipment. Therefore, it is important for it to be comfortable and properly chosen. However, it often turns out that choosing the right model, and then its installation, is the most difficult moment during a kitchen renovation. So we suggest what to consider when replacing the sink.

Place of installation

It is very important to place the sink in the right place. But what is the right place? First of all, it should be intuitive and comfortable. To do so, it’s worth remembering the simple but proven triangle principle in the kitchen – the three most important elements, namely the fridge, the stove and, of course, the sink, should form an equilateral triangle

And where should we definitely not install the sink? First of all, right next to a hotplate or a stove, because dirty water and liquid splashed during washing up can get into the cooked dishes. The space under a low cabinet is also not a good place. This is because a low cabinet makes it difficult to wash dishes, remove and put large items into the sink and also restricts your view to some extent. Do not place the sink under the window either. Firstly, the faucet installed right next to the sink may prevent you from opening the window, and secondly, you give up the convenience of placing a dish drier in a cupboard above the sink. For obvious reasons, it is also not a good idea to have sinks right next to electrical outlets.

Sink material

There are many models of sinks available on the market, but the most popular are those made of stainless steel or granite. What are the advantages of both? Stainless steel is mainly stainless and very easy to clean. This is because you can easily remove both dirt and bacterial flora, and in addition you can clean it with many detergents, even the strongest ones. In addition, to preserve a stainless steel sink, all you need to do is wipe it with cooking oil.

This is also one of the cheaper solutions.

As for the granite sink, on the other hand, it is certainly a more elegant and aesthetic solution. In addition, sinks made of granite are the hardest models of sinks that will be resistant to all kinds of damage, for example, impact discoloration, heat, chemicals, and scratches and cracks. However, such a sink requires from us daily care, and each use should end with a thorough rinsing and wiping it dry

Built-in or mounted?

When choosing a new sink, it is also worth considering whether you are interested in an in-built or an undermount model. In order to install an in-built sink, you’ll need a cabinet without a top on which to place the sink. They are easy to install and are most often used in small, block kitchens. Built-in sinks, on the other hand, are placed on top of a pre-cut countertop. This type is certainly the most popular solution today.

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