Do you manufacture ornaments for your home? Small business website positioning is for you!
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Do you manufacture ornaments for your home? Small business website positioning is for you!

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The modern world is now based on e-commerce and this fact should not come as a surprise. Customers pay attention to the possibility of buying products of their choice at very low prices or the option of finalizing the transaction from their own armchairs, while entrepreneurs notice other advantages. These include, first of all, the lack of restrictions – you can send home decorations produced by yourself to the other end of the country. Moreover, very low running costs also play a big role in e-commerce. Entrepreneurs no longer need to hire employees for direct service, as well as rent expensive office or store space. However, it is worth knowing that not everything is so simple – the main drawback of e-commerce is the huge competition. How to fight it? By using positioning of small business websites. Is there any enterprise seo agency? Yes, even not only one! We call the SEO agencies, there are many of them: New Orleans SEO, SEO Ireland, Polish SEO and many more.

On the web it is all about visibility

The E-commerce industry is plagued by completely different problems than stationary companies. The main problem is insufficient visibility of the site in the network, which results in a complete lack of purchases despite attractively priced goods. This is a common problem faced by thousands of entrepreneurs across the country. A stationary store can be visited by a customer “off the street”, whereas to enter a given website you need to know its address or click on a link that leads to it. What does this mean? It means that in order to get a high enough visibility you need to make some effort, especially if you want to make a high enough profit from your business. Agency like New Orleans SEO mentioned before is a kind of enterprise SEO agency, they can be your trustful assistance in reaching an online visibility. 

Most people running their own business online rely on standard solutions such as display advertising or social media marketing activities, while those more familiar with e-commerce also opt for sponsored articles. These are actions with good effectiveness, but they are much less effective than SEO. Do you run a GOshop online store? Be sure to have it positioned as soon as possible. On the other hand people look really deep, and they end up with SEO Ireland for exemple. It’s cool, but you’re able to find a partner close to You without having to travel to other parts of the world.

How does SEO work?

Positioning is a multi-step process that consists of improving the visibility of a chosen website in the Google search engine, which for most Poles is the basic base of websites. Every day Internet users type interesting phrases into the search box and look for new stores, portals or blogs using Google. Normally a fresh website lands at the very end of the listing and does not generate any traffic. It is worth it to change it and increase the position of your website in SERP (Search Engine Results Page) listing.

The first stage necessary in positioning is conducting an SEO audit with an enterprise SEO agency. This task is one of the most important, but also very often neglected. It consists in a thorough analysis of the entire website in terms of its current state. In this way you can learn about the scope of services and their price, as well as plan a strategy taking into account all the most important parameters and data.

The second stage, on-site, involves modifying and optimizing the source code of the site for Google search. This stage is definitely the longest – in extreme cases, it can take even several months of painstaking work for positioners and programmers. In this step, you need to take care of the right number of keywords matching the profile of your business, change the UX and UI, and perform many other tasks, even several hundred in total.

In the last stage – off-site, in turn, the main focus should be on link-building, i.e. building the largest possible base of backlinks that lead to the positioned sub-page.

Positioning results – you need to know them

Wondering how to get started with GOshop? New Orleans SEO agency says – You should read tutorials found on the web, which will explain the basics of the engine and its functionality. It is easy to use and very fast, which is why it is particularly popular on the market. Moreover, it is also effective – you can do all the work necessary in positioning and thus achieve:

  • a significantly higher number of hits on the website;
  • higher earnings resulting from a greater number of potentially interested customers,
  • increase trust – Internet users are much more likely to leave their money in stores visible in Google search;
  • develop your brand.

Not many people are aware of the fact that introducing SEO to the website may significantly increase earnings and sales, even if it’s SEO Ireland, it might be great if it works. It is worth complimenting positioning with other additional solutions that will increase the effectiveness of individual actions. An excellent solution is the strategy of sponsored articles, in which you can place a do-follow link, which directs to the positioned website. Thanks to this we build a base of links and at the same time we gain many customers – some of them will surely stay on your website and make a purchase .

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  • Liam Mal 10.08.2022

    I’ve heard many times that there is no point in positioning a small business, because it has no chance to compete with larger companies. Therefore, I’m glad that you take up this issue. In fact, every company should take care of the visibility online, you can read about it in the article: Positioning does matter, so even small businesses should include it into marketing strategy. Local SEO can be helpful in this regard, so it’s worth trying it out. It can guarantee the success of any local brand.

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