These rules of door installation are worth knowing
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These rules of door installation are worth knowing

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First, you need to determine what type of door you need. Do you need a door for the entrance to your home that is decorative in addition to serving a specific purpose? Do you need patio doors that lead to your terrace or balcony? Do you need a closet door or a new bedroom door? There are doors throughout your home, and the type you need will affect the rest of the choices you have to make.

Choosing the right material

Especially for entry doors, there are many material options. You can choose wood, metal, or vinyl. Each has its own advantages. Wood is a classic material, but it will require maintenance such as paint and stain over the years. Vinyl doors require little maintenance and are weather resistant and have a long life. Metal doors are strong and can withstand the elements as well, but are usually very heavy. You also need to decide how much glass you want in your door. Do you want small glass panels at the top of the front door or to cover a larger space? Do you want stained glass, decorative glass or clear glass?

If you are choosing a patio door, you need to consider how many panels you want, how you want the door to open (sliding, etc.) and how much glass you want to use. The choices are endless. Do you want a door that opens outward or inward or do you prefer a sliding door? Do you want the classic two panels or do you prefer larger panels?

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Next, the hardware to install the door

Door hardware is crucial to both the look and function of your door, so it’s worth making sure you make a good choice from the many options available. Classic, modern or contemporary hardware are all possible options; you can also choose handles that blend in with the overall design or handles that stand out. There are also many colors and styles to choose from. What kind of locking points would you like to have? What will make you feel secure? A professional door manufacturer is sure to provide plenty of options.

Do it yourself?

Once you’ve made all these choices (or once you start looking at all the options), you’ll definitely want to find a professional to help you. You may be thinking that you can install a new door on your own and, while that’s possible, it’s not recommended. There are a few steps that need to be taken. First, the professional needs to measure the door – both the height and width, as well as the width of the door frame. The measurements must be very accurate because any small error can affect the fit of the new door. Next, the professional must remove the old door (and also the door frame if you are replacing it).

Once the old door is removed, he must prepare the opening; this requires making sure the threshold height is appropriate for the new door and adjusting it as necessary. Again, if this is measured incorrectly, it can lead to problems later.

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You can then start installing the new door by first setting it in the opening and checking its sizing. If everything is in order and everything is properly aligned, the door is removed and polyurethane sealant is applied to the threshold and exterior sheathing. Next, a professional can add shims, which are crucial for the door to fit properly. Once the door is in place, you need to adjust the shims to make sure there are no gaps between the door and the frame.

Then you just need to finish the door – paint, add hardware, etc. Each step can be time-consuming, and mistakes can negatively affect the fit, its durability, drafts, etc.

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