How to set and decorate a holiday table?
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How to set and decorate a holiday table?

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Christmas is fast approaching and most of us start thinking about preparations. An important part of these preparations is the proper preparation of the Christmas table. How to set it, so that it would look in the right way? What should be on it?

Create a coherent whole

The Christmas Eve table will look the most beautiful if everything that will be on it will harmonize with each other. Below we present the most important elements of setting a Christmas table. If you have the possibility, let everyone at the table have the same plate, cutlery and glass. This will help to maintain the elegance of the setting and decoration.

White tablecloth

This is the traditional table setting for Christmas Eve. White is supposed to symbolize the purity of the intentions of those sitting at the table. According to tradition, under the tablecloth there should be a handful of hay, which is to refer to the manger. White tablecloth does not impose anything when it comes to table arrangement, so you can choose any tableware you like. Table runners in festive colors, such as green or red, will look great on it. On the first and second day of Christmas you can put a festive tablecloth with an interesting pattern on it.

Dinner service

A proper Christmas table setting is first of all about well-chosen tableware. Tableware is one of the most important elements of Christmas Eve dinner. Traditional dishes served on elegant plates or platters will look beautiful.

In this case it is also worth betting on classics. This way we can be sure that the dinner service will be suitable not only for Christmas, but also for other occasions, such as a family dinner or a formal supper. Elegant, white tableware with delicate decorations is the best choice in such cases. Often dinner services can be bought together with other elements, for example mugs, cups, or saucepans.

Cutlery on the festive table

Spoons, forks and knives on the Christmas table should be from one set. Each guest should have an identical set. This will make sure that your table decoration and table setting looks as it should. An elegant cutlery set will also come in handy during other occasions, so it is advisable to buy one large or two smaller sets.

Drinking utensils

Besides platters, cutlery, and plates, the table should also be equipped with appropriate beverage utensils. If you intend to serve wine to the guests, prepare proper glasses. Their shape should be adapted to the kind of wine you will serve. At the beginning of the dinner, a lighter kind should be served, then a heavier one.

When it comes to glasses, you should also remember that they should all be the same. Cups will look perfect on the Christmas table. Regardless of what the persons gathered at the table are going to drink, a proper coffee or tea cup will give the table decoration an elegant touch.

Christmas decorations

Besides proper tableware, all small accessories are equally important. Napkins with a Christmas motif will emphasize the unique atmosphere of the Christmas Eve dinner. Star, Christmas tree, bauble or angel motives are welcome. Besides the fact that they look good, they are also practical. Paper napkins should be placed on the plate or folded into a triangle and placed on the left side of the plate.

The remaining napkins should be put in an elegant napkin holder, which will be placed in the middle of the table. Fabric napkins can be an interesting solution to enhance your holiday table.

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