How do you grow an avocado from a seed?
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How do you grow an avocado from a seed?

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The avocado is not only a tasty and healthy fruit. It also has aspirations to become a showy and pretty tree. Did you know that you can grow your own plant in a few simple steps?

  1. Remove the seed

Start by removing the seed from the center of the fruit, but do so with extreme care so as not to damage it. Now gently wash the seed of your tree of any remaining pericarp.

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  1. Locate the top and bottom

For your plant to germinate, you need to position the seed correctly. The top end of the seed is where the seed is sharper, while the bottom end is in a flatter spot. Roots grow from the bottom, and sprouts grow from the top.

  1. Scaffolding

Get three toothpicks and gently poke them into the seed at equal distances, slightly at an angle. Stick them in so that most of the base of the seed is in the water when you set it over the glass.

  1. Setting in a dish

Place the seed roughly half submerged in water on a windowsill that will get plenty of sunlight. The vessel in which the seed will be submerged should be clear. Also try to change the water every 5-7 days or so.

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  1. Sprouting

Avocados can germinate after 2-4 weeks, but there are also cases where you have to wait as long as 8 weeks. Wait until the plant develops and don’t let the root dry out or the seedling will die.

  1. Planting

Prepare a deep, pot and a permeable soil mixed with sand and peat. Insert the seed into the soil so that it is about 2-3 cm above the surface. Place the pot on a windowsill and remember that avocados love the sun – the more the better. Water the tree regularly so that the soil is always slightly moist.

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