Choosing fixtures for the bathroom – what should you keep in mind?
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Choosing fixtures for the bathroom – what should you keep in mind?

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When designing and decorating a bathroom, you cannot forget about the small details that play a big role. Such a detail, for example, is the fittings for the bathroom. It is worth it is important to pay attention to both the visual aspect and the materials and technologies used. We will tell you which mixers to choose and what to keep in mind.

Bathroom fittings are an integral part of the bathroom furnishing. It is important that it is aesthetically pleasing and creates a harmonious whole with other parts of the arrangement, but we cannot forget about its functionality. So which mixer to choose for the bathroom?

Which mixer to choose for the bathroom?

What do we really mean by bathroom fittings? These are all pieces of equipment that make it possible to perform daily activities. By definition, bathroom fixtures include the washbasin, bathtub, shower and bathroom faucets. How to choose a mixer for the bathroom? The offer on the market is very rich, so you can successfully follow your tastes

When it comes to the washbasin, you can bet on the classic wall-mounted or free-standing washbasin. It is also very convenient and quite popular to have countertop, under-counter or semi-countertop washbasins. Many washbasins also come in interesting shapes or materials, so you’re sure to find something that suits the style of your bathroom. Also keep in mind that you will also need a ball valve to make the basin or other fixtures work

Also, when it comes to the bathtub, you have a lot of choices. Rectangular tubs are the most popular, but corner tubs will also look very impressive. Freestanding bathtubs are also a great choice and will add charm and character to your bathroom. So if you want a cozy décor in a truly courtly style, opt for a lovely bathtub with curved legs, or if you prefer modern arrangements, choose a beautiful bathtub resembling a large bowl, which looks very impressive in any interior.

When it comes to the shower, on the other hand, you have a lot of leeway when it comes to the shape of the shower enclosure. The most popular ones are square, rectangular or semicircular, but you can also find a model with a more unusual shape. In modern interiors, walk-in cabins will look particularly good. Such an open shower is simply a fragment of the bathroom separated by a wall of glass and a mounted shower mixer.

What else to keep in mind when choosing the bathroom mixers?

When choosing a mixer, in addition to aesthetics, pay attention to durability. The quality of materials and components is important, thanks to which the product will serve us reliably for many years. That is why it is worth choosing products equipped with the highest quality ceramic and thermostatic heads, which ensure smooth and precise water stream regulation. Remember also that the coating is an extremely important aspect, which will be of particular importance if the mixer is not cleaned on a daily basis. So choose one that has been made using PVD technology. Such a mixer will certainly be much more durable than its chrome counterparts. You can also opt for bathroom faucets equipped with a thermostat, thanks to which you can conveniently set the water temperature.

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