It’s never too late to crochet – a tutorial

It’s never too late to crochet – a tutorial

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A hat or a doily made with your own hands brings a lot of satisfaction. In recent years, handicrafts are experiencing a renaissance. It is worth paying attention to crocheting, which can become a new passion

More and more people are trying various handicrafts. Crocheting relaxes, calms and develops attention skills. The ability to make something with your own hands brings an incredibly pleasant feeling. Definitely worth a try and see if this activity for us. We suggest where to start. We invite you to read!

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For whom is crocheting?

Crocheting is gaining a growing number of devoted fans. Using this method, you can create yourself many beautiful things – starting with clothes, toys for children, items for the house, and ending with decorations. The best thing is that crochet can anyone. With the right amount of patience and precision to detail – both a child, teenager, as well as an adult or elderly person will cope with this type of knitting. The occupation brings a lot of satisfaction, because the basic technique of crocheting is not difficult. With a little practice you can quickly see the results

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To crochet does not need expensive or complicated equipment – this is another advantage that convinces you to try this activity. For many people, it quickly becomes a new hobby, and crochet and a skein of yarn they take with them virtually everywhere. All the materials needed to make your first hat cost about 20-35 PLN, depending on the thickness and quality of the yarn you choose. This is not much, especially if you take into account the fact that often the material is then left and can be used for something else

Crocheting – where to start?

Just master a few movements and turn on your imagination to create beautiful hats, scarves or table napkins. At the beginning, however, should properly prepare for this. To start your adventure with crocheting, just three things: crochet, yarn and good intentions. Necessary items will get in any haberdashery. You can ask the seller to help you choose the right crochet hook and hank, depending on the effect you want to achieve. For beginners, a slightly thicker crochet hook and corresponding yarn is recommended. In this way, it is easier to learn the basic technique. Then only imagination limits us

To make a napkin, tablecloth or openwork curtain, it is best to choose a thin cordon and a small crochet hook. Thanks to this the meshes will be small, and the weave thick. Many women also choose the currently fashionable crochet from string or cotton tape. This is a great way to make placemats for the dining room or handbags. In addition, it is worth equipping yourself with sharp scissors and a knitting needle with a large eyelet and a blunt end. These tools will help aesthetically finish the knitting and hide protruding ends of yarn

Crochet basics – tutorial

Now that you know what to prepare, we can move on to specific tips to get you started on your crochet adventure. Any course or training will begin by learning how to make the so-called chain, posts and half-posts. Already these three weaves will allow you to do a significant part of the knitting! The next step is circles (so you can create beautiful openwork forms) and crimped circles (for smooth surfaces). Just make a loop on the yarn, hook it on the crochet hook and start threading through the resulting eyelet. Depending on the desired effect, tighten the weave accordingly, but do not overdo it

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Many people appreciate crocheting for the fact that it does not require outstanding manual skills. Definitely more necessary is regular practice and patience. To begin with, it is worth choosing a hat that gives a satisfying end result in a short time. Just make the first loop on a crochet hook and start making. On the Internet there are plenty of perfectly prepared instructional videos. There are special blogs dedicated to crochet. It is worth a look there from time to time in search of inspiration and try to do more and more difficult patterns. Good luck!

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