What are the benefits of regular plant fertilization?
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What are the benefits of regular plant fertilization?

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Late fall is a good time to prepare your garden for the new growing season. This will save us work in the spring and have a positive effect on the plants. An important part of this process is fertilizing the soil.

What does regular application of fertilizer do?

Fertilization increases the resistance of plants to disease, low temperatures and mechanical damage. Fertiliser enriches the soil from which the flora draws its nutrients. Its regular use ensures better plant development and improves flowering and fruiting processes. In autumn it is worth using fertilizers with a high content of phosphorus and potassium to protect plants from the effects of frost.

Types of fertilizers

As for horticultural fertilizers, we can divide them into the following categories:

– special autumn and winter mixes;

– fertilizers for conifers

– for lawns;

– for garden plants;

– for house plants;

– for flowering plants;

– for fruit plants;

– Composting;

– polishes and conditioners;

– Manures – granulated and liquid, among others;

– mycorrhizal mycelium;

– non-invasive and ecological natural fertilizers.

How to choose a fertilizer for flowering plants?

Flowering plants please our eyes on balconies, windowsills, in home gardens and on allotments, but choosing a fertilizer for them is not easy, because each species may require a different set of elements and minerals. Many plants are delicate and need concentrated nutrition to form more buds. The standard fertilizer for flowering plants has phosphorus and potassium in its composition, which are quickly absorbed by the flora. By reaching for a specialized fertilizer, you can guarantee rapid growth, beautiful color and flowering throughout the season.

Which fertilizer for fruit trees and shrubs?

For abundant fruiting of trees and shrubs you will need fertilizer for fruit trees. A universal fertilizer will be the most widely used, but if there is such a possibility it is worth choosing fertilizers profiled for specific species of fruit trees, e.g. citrus and Mediterranean plants.

What does mycorrhizal mycelium work for?

Mycorrhizal mycelium is a good way to improve plant quality. The most important function of mycorrhizal fungi is to create a connection between the soil and the plant. Through symbiosis, the plant’s resistance to diseases and pathogens improves, as well as its ability to flower profusely and its resistance to so-called environmental stresses. At the same time, mycorrhizal mycelium causes plants to have a reduced need for water and fertilizers.

Why use manure?

Manure is an organic fertilizer made from livestock manure and litter. The one used on private plots and gardens is usually in dried or granular form, making it odor-free. Natural manure is rich in mineral nutrients, organic matter and microbial flora that the soil needs. It does not contain harmful pathogens or weed seeds. The use of manure provides the soil with needed humus micronutrients and minerals such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, and replenishes the lack of calcium, magnesium, boron and iron. It is worth choosing manures designed for use throughout the growing season. Depending on your preferences you can sprinkle it directly on the soil or apply it topically under the roots of plants. The most popular granular manures of animal origin are divided: chicken, cattle, sheep and horse.

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