Mowing the lawn in the summer – why give it up?
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Mowing the lawn in the summer – why give it up?

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For many people, mowing the lawn in summer is natural. It turns out that it is worth giving it up. See why!

Most people can’t imagine not mowing the lawn in summer. They often treat it as an unpleasant, but nevertheless a chore. And it turns out that there are many arguments for not doing it! See which ones!

When is it necessary to mow the lawn?

Regular mowing of the lawn is a procedure that keeps it in excellent condition. On top of that, it stimulates it to grow better. So when is it a good idea to get the mower out of the garage? Grass should be mowed when it reaches the right height, which is 8 to 10 cm. A young lawn should not be heavily cut – it is enough to a maximum of 6 cm. Only after some time you can reduce the length to 4 cm. It is better to mow the grass more often and cut it less than less often but quite heavily. 

Why is it advisable to reduce grass cutting in summer?

When it’s very dry, it’s a good idea not to cut the grass. Then low mowing can contribute to more dust on the surface. On top of that, grass that is cut low can dry out, and on top of that, it does not grow, so its appearance leaves much to be desired. Therefore, in hot weather it is better to give up pulling out the mower. 

On top of that, in summer it is good to refrain from mowing lawns that are close to traffic lanes. If we already have to cut the grass, set the mower to the highest level.

Giving up cutting the grass – benefits.

Of course, it is important to preserve the aesthetics of lawns. However, it is worth knowing the advantages from giving up mowing or reducing this activity. One of them is lowering the air temperature, which is especially important during very high temperatures. Grass retains moisture and prevents soil erosion. It also slows down rainwater runoff and is an oxygen producer. On top of that, it absorbs harmful pollen in the air and absorbs carbon dioxide. There is a reason why flower meadows, which are mowed once a year, are becoming increasingly popular in cities. They lower noise levels and reduce air pollution.

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