How to get rid of dust quickly?
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How to get rid of dust quickly?

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The main components of dust fall from people and fabrics such as clothing, furniture, curtains and carpets. Since you are unlikely to live a “fabric-free life” (and people), you can’t stop the major producers of the hated dust. Instead, use good cleaning techniques to attack the dust where it accumulates and spreads.

The basics

First and foremost: vacuum your carpets and shake them out often. Carpeting is a world-class dust collector that throws particles back into the air every time you walk on it . Cleaning it is virtually impossible. Vacuuming helps, but it’s like trying to suck all the leaves out of the forest. Cleaning carpets is easier because you can shake or dust them outside or periodically send them to the laundry. Frequent vacuuming of busy pathways will not eliminate dust, but it will reduce its persistence. And it will reduce the sand particles that abrade carpet fibers and cause them to break down. Vacuum cushions and other furniture fabrics regularly. Like carpet, they create, collect and throw dust into the air when you sit on them.

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Clean your bedrooms once a week, as you probably spend more time in them than any other room in the house. Elements of skin collect especially in bedding, and linens and clothing also contain fabric dust. Regular laundering will help keep dust in check. If you suffer from allergies, bedrooms are first on the list for dust control.

They’re easy to ignore, but clothing closets also collect dust. Clothing also sheds fibers, and every time you open and close doors and pull things and shoes out, the air movement throws that dust into the air. The dust particles fall downward, so a closet floor free of shoes and other clutter allows you to vacuum quickly and more efficiently.

We haven’t mentioned the least visible dust collection areas – such as under beds and furniture and behind the stove and refrigerator. Dust settles in these areas out of sight, but once it settles, it usually remains undisturbed. While it pays to clean these areas periodically, they will not cause visible particles in the busy areas of your home. However, clean them regularly if you have allergies, as dust mites can continue to thrive there.

Stop secondary sources of dust

Everyone constantly brings soil on their soles from outside. Most falls within inches of the front door, so the rug just outside the door and the mat outside will pick up most of the dirt.

Hair and other dust from dogs, cats and birds will spread throughout the house. No control strategy will work well here. If you have allergies, you may need to find a new home for your pets.

Dust mites live in almost every home because they like a warm, moist environment with lots of skin to eat. In most cases, they are not a problem and can be easily controlled by regular bedding washing and vacuuming.

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Often, dust mites cause allergies. If your doctor determines that you are allergic to them, simple control methods usually include washing bedding in water at about 55 degrees and keeping humidity below 60% by air conditioning or dehumidifying. The mites will soon dry out and die

Mold releases thousands of tiny spores that contribute to localized dust, produce unpleasant odors, and sometimes cause allergic reactions. These are microscopic fungi that live in huge colonies in moist areas. The colonies look like dark streaks and can be found in corners, on grout in bathroom tiles, and especially under carpeting in damp areas such as basements. Control mold and mildew by eliminating moisture intrusion with measures such as dehumidification, bathroom exhaust fans, better foundation drainage and concrete floor sealing or carpet removal. You can kill existing mold and mildew by washing the area with a mixture of 1 part liquid bleach and 10 parts water. Wear gloves and safety glasses.

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