Home Bike Service. How to prepare your bike for the season?

Home Bike Service. How to prepare your bike for the season?

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Bike season is already in full swing. If you haven’t taken your bike out of the garage yet, it’s high time. It’s a healthy and environmentally safe way to get around town and beyond. How to prepare your bike to feel safe on the road?

Get it serviced!

If you haven’t washed your bike by stashing it away in the fall, this is a good time to do so. Get rid of dried mud and grease. A traditional bucket with a sponge and a garden hose will work better than a pressure washer, which can damage delicate parts such as hubs and rudders. Clean the cassette, crankset and derailleur gear s with a special brush or a hard brush. Remove and clean the chain (you can soak it in extraction gasoline). Once everything is clean, lubricate and oil the chain and other drive components. Check tire pressure, you will definitely need to inflate them, and do a brake inspection. Check the rim, rack and cage mounts, tighten them if necessary. Finally, see what condition your lights and reflectors are in. And you are done!

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