Living room arrangement – what solutions will make it easier for seniors to relax?
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Living room arrangement – what solutions will make it easier for seniors to relax?

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To make seniors comfortable at home, you sometimes have to look for specific solutions. Not all furniture comfortable for young people will be suitable for an elderly person. Diseases of the joints, back pain and problems with the digestive system are issues that should be taken into account when arranging a home for a senior. See how to create a living room ideal for people of advanced age

High sofa

While a young person feels great sinking into soft cushions on a low sofa, for a senior this situation can be problematic. Old age is associated with decreased mobility due to diseases and degeneration occurring in the osteoarticular system. An elderly person may have trouble getting up from a low or too soft sofa. A sofa for seniors should have relatively high legs and its cushions should not be too soft, rather they should be springy to make getting up easier. A corner sofa that allows you to stretch your legs out in front of you to give them a rest will also be a great option. Also, eating or drinking coffee on a seat that is too low can lead to abdominal pain and even stomach problems in an elderly person. For a wide selection of corner sofas on high legs, look at:

Room to elevate legs

Seniors, especially senior women, often struggle with circulatory problems. Because of this, many seniors experience the appearance of swelling on their limbs. To reduce the swelling, it is recommended to elevate the legs to a slight height so that the circulation returns to normal and the limbs regain their natural size. If the person who is to use the salon has such problems, it is worth investing in a couch or chair with a retractable footrest or a mobile footrest. With these small modifications, a senior’s tired and swollen feet will certainly be able to rest and return to normal

Keeping the legs elevated is very healthy for the functioning of the circulatory system. In this position, the blood reaches the vital cells of the body more efficiently, oxygenates them better and makes you feel better. You can find lounge sets perfect for seniors and those prone to swollen feet at:

Safety first

When furnishing a living room for an elderly person, safety should be considered a priority. The furniture that is to stand in a senior’s living room must be sturdy and stable. If the elderly person has problems with maintaining balance, such additions as rugs, curtains and decorative tables should be abandoned. Any ornaments, especially glass and ceramic ones that can break easily, should stand on sturdy furniture, preferably secured, such as an enclosed shelf, and be out of the elderly householder’s direct reach. That way, if the senior loses his balance, he won’t topple over with the etagere or broken curtain, and he won’t cut himself on a gadget broken in the fall. Furniture such as a coffee table or TV cabinet should not have sharp corners and edges to minimize the risk of serious head injury in the event of a fall. You can buy sturdy and reliable elderly safe furniture at

We usually owe a lot to people of advanced age. Therefore, if an important retiree in your life is planning a renovation or his health condition requires a change of decor in the living room, provide him with one hundred percent of comfort and safety. You can help seniors in really small gestures, such as caring for their comfort and health

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