Make sure you are protected from the sun

Make sure you are protected from the sun

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Summer is the time when the sun reigns supreme in the sky. Unfortunately, enjoying it to the fullest is not always a good idea. When going out in the full sun, we must remember that its rays harm our skin and can also make us faint. How to protect yourself from the bad effects of the sun?

Get out when you need to

Choose morning and afternoon hours for walks and strolls. Try not to leave the house at midday, when the sun annoys the most, and if necessary, try to stay in the shade

Sunscreen, a must!

The harsh sun is equally harmful to the skin of children, adults and seniors. That’s why in the summer season you should especially remember to apply sunscreen to your face and exposed body parts. It stops the harmful UV rays and does not allow the skin to dry out. This is a definite summer skin care essential!

The right outfit

In hot weather, we must remember to dress appropriately. We wear airy shirts and pants, preferably made of natural materials such as cotton or linen, in light colors. When going outside, wear a hat or a baseball cap. Also protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses

Summer time is a tough time for the skin and body, so we need to make sure we protect ourselves properly

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