Dance course for seniors. An idea for spending time

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Retirement is the best time to indulge your passions and find new interests. Free time doesn’t have to mean sadly waiting for a phone call from your family or being doomed to only watching TV

As long as you feel you have the physical strength to do so, try to get out of the house and go for an adventure! For seniors who have always led an active lifestyle, a dance class is a great idea. Did you used to rock out on the dance floor? No one says you can’t still do it!

You won’t get lonely

Many people who retire are afraid of not only having nothing to do, but being used to balancing their duties, family time, household activities and pleasures. Whether you’re just entering that time or your working years are long behind you, it’s possible you still have one fear. What about the other people in your life?

Younger family members have less time than you do, so it’s logical that they won’t devote as much time to you. Friends from work have drifted apart, making new ones is becoming more and more difficult… especially when it comes to friends with passion.

This is what you will meet in our dance course especially for seniors! Every week you will meet with the group and share the joy of learning together to the rhythm of your favourite music (and maybe you can discuss which songs are the best…?). It even fosters new friendships that can easily extend beyond the classroom. You’ll soon realise that you’re not the only person who came to the course with this in mind either – that they’ll meet new and interesting people in the process.

Movement is healthy

While it’s hard to disagree with the beneficial effects of physical activity on a person’s physical and mental health, there comes a point when you have to say goodbye to your favorite sport and are looking for a safe alternative to the traditional gym workout – dance is the answer.

Because of the multitude of dance styles and thus the wide range of courses available on the market, dancing will allow you to stay in shape regardless of your health or fitness level. Dedicated senior classes allow you to get the best out of your workout without worrying about hurting anyone. After all, you don’t have to catalyze yourself with hard workouts to feel a rush of endorphins that will not only make you feel better, but even affect how much pain you feel!

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Grey autumn evenings

It’s not only children who get bored in the rain. Although in summer and spring the weather is good for walks in the park or a trip to the mushrooms, when we say goodbye to the golden Polish autumn and hello to the gray, it is difficult to find an active occupation. There is no work on the plot or in the garden, which, in addition to being a physically demanding activity, can bring a lot of joy.

That’s when it’s best to start looking for physical activities that will bring as much joy into our lives as if the sun was still shining high in the sky. There’s no better idea than dancing… especially when you can pull your favorite dress or suit out of the closet.

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