Aromatherapy at home. How to use oil and wax fireplaces?

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If you like to surround yourself with beautiful scents, think about aromatherapy at home. All you need is a fireplace and a wax or oil – check out how to use them to enjoy a beautiful scent.

Aromatherapy – surround yourself with a pleasant scent

Living in a constant rush makes us feel overwhelmed by excess responsibilities and stressed. If you’re wondering how you can relieve stress and irritability at a small cost, we recommend trying aromatherapy. The right scents can work wonders.

Scented oil fireplace

An easy and inexpensive way to surround yourself with fragrance is to use a fragrance oil fireplace. This is a simple ceramic object that is divided into two parts:

  • at the bottom of the fireplace there is a place where you should place the heater (tealight) – remember to extinguish the candle before leaving the house;
  • the upper part of the fireplace is shaped like a small bowl or saucer, pour water and essential oils into it.

Wondering if you need to pour water into an aromatherapy fireplace? Definitely yes, as this will ensure that the fragrance is released gradually.

If you are just starting to use aromatherapy, we recommend using a small number of drops of essential oil to begin with ─ 2-3 drops of oil will allow you to test the scent and check its intensity. If you find that the effect obtained is too delicate, then during the next use of the fireplace add more drops. After a few trials, you will find the right fragrance intensity for you.

Wax fireplace

Want to try aromatherapy, but using essential oils seems like an unnecessary inconvenience? You can stock up on scented wax. You can choose from a whole range of scents and types of wax. We recommend natural waxes, i.e. those made from soy wax or a blend of other plant waxes. You will also need a wax fireplace – the good news is that this is the same equipment as the oil fireplace. However, if you use waxes, you can also opt for an electric fireplace, which is unlikely to work well with oils. In an electric fireplace, the wax is heated by a light bulb, which most often imitates a candle flame. The electric wax fireplace is often chosen by people who are afraid of burning candles, for example, because of pets in the house.

What scent to choose for aromatherapy?

The wide selection of fragrances for oils and waxes can make your head spin. What scent to choose for home aromatherapy? First and foremost, a natural one, especially if you decide on an oil. Remember that essential oil is natural, while fragrance oil is usually a synthetic specific, which should not be used too often. Which fragrance should you choose? It is a good idea to choose one that will help relieve our ailments, for example:

  • bergamot essential oil helps soothe jangled nerves;
  • eucalyptus oil will support us in the fight against cough and thick runny nose;
  • lemon oil improves mood and helps fight a cold;
  • rosemary oil improves memory and concentration;
  • grapefruit oil adds energy.

These are just a small sampling of the scents you can choose from. Test a few and find the scent that suits you best.

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