How to save water? Practical tips

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Saving water is not only associated with the increasingly popular care for the environment, but it is also a way to save money in the household budget. It is worth noting that water charges are bound to increase. How can you effectively save water?

Why is it worth saving water?

One of the reasons is, of course, to save money. This is especially true nowadays when water charges are getting higher. Additionally, in Poland we are extremely poorly supplied with this life-giving raw material. Our sources of drinking water are mainly surface water. Increasing consumption and water pollution expose us to huge problems in the future

Check the condition of your home’s plumbing system

An audit of the condition of your home plumbing system is an absolute must if you want to save more or less water in a simple way. What in particular should you pay attention to? The greatest loss of water is caused by leaking taps and cisterns, but also by cracked seals. Often the repair is not particularly difficult or expensive – but first you need to identify the faults well

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Stop disposing of toilet tissue in the toilet bowl

More broadly, it is not only wipes, but also cotton balls or small papers. First of all, their accumulation in the pipe can cause a blockage and further problems. From the point of view of water saving, it is also a terrible solution – every time we reflexively flush the bowl, wasting water. Throwing papers in the trash doesn’t require any precious liquid

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Save water while washing or shaving

We don’t have to wash or shave under running water. You should turn it off while soaping your body and turn it off only while rinsing. When brushing your teeth, reaching for a cup to pour water into will work very well. It is also useful to have an aerator installed, which is a tap attachment designed to save water

Reuse water

It is very often the case that water once used can be used again, especially for watering the garden. Can’t we use it right away? Storing water for watering in a barrel is not difficult

Try to avoid a strong water jet

Most often, a not very impressive stream that allows you to soak your body and rinse it is absolutely sufficient. If there is a lot of pressure, the water tends to just bang against our body, landing very quickly in the tub or shower tray. So it doesn’t have much effect on the quality of our washing. A good solution may be to replace the shower handset with one that allows you to modify the water stream to a greater extent. It is also worth mentioning that anyway a shower is a better and more economical solution than a bathtub. The latter, although undoubtedly pleasant, we should try to limit or even eliminate.

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Opt for appliances that save water

A dishwasher or a washing machine with an “eco” mode of operation are very useful appliances at home, where you want to save as much water as possible. It is worth mentioning that purchasing a dishwasher itself is more conducive to saving water than washing dishes by hand. You should choose those devices which have at least the A+ marking. It is also important to use the already purchased appliances in a thoughtful manner. If you have decided to do laundry, wait until the entire washing machine is filled with dirty clothes

Backyard water tanks

Having a home garden is associated with the need to water vegetables and fruits. Unfortunately, this is usually necessary when the summer drought comes. We use a lot of water, which could be used otherwise. What can be done to be more economical and still have something to water the garden? The solution is to collect rainwater in barrels, containers or even small domestic ponds.

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