“He does not grow old who does not have time for it” – Benjamin Franklin once said.

The peacyzone.pl portal proves that life begins at 60 and the so called “autumn of life” can still be a springtime! Regardless of whether you are retired or leading an active professional life, the age of 60+ is the perfect time to develop your passions, seek inspiration and try something new!

The peacyzone.com is a place where time passes more slowly and there is definitely more of it. However, we do not encourage you to sit on the couch – on the contrary! This is the right time for new friendships, renovations, books, a good movie or travel. With us you will still feel young in spirit!

Peacyzone.com will tell you how to find your way around the Internet, take care of your health, take care of your education or get used to technology which can be friendly and helpful in everyday matters. Improve your life comfort and well-being, at ease!